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In our walk in the PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE (PDL) we have to be aware of the internal motivations that drive and direct us and be sure of what to follow.

Everyone has natural INNER NEEDS that usually control our lives and drive our behaviour which we always try to have met in different ways. The three basic inner needs we all have are:

a.  Need for Love and Acceptance
b. Need for Security
c. Need for Significance

A question then follows. Where do we usually seek these inner needs to be met? Our behaviour, actions and decisions are usually motivated to meet the inner needs. Why do you do what you do? What led you to make that decision? Why are you about to take the next step you are about to take or why have you not taken action? Is it because you want to feel loved and accepted? Is it because you want to feel secure about your future? Is it that you want to be felt, acknowledged or you want to feel important among others?

Most of the times we seek to have our inner needs met in four different places. We usually seek to have them meet by:
a.  People
b.  Possessions (things)
c.  Positions
d.  Power

On the other side of coin, we have embedded in us core values. As said in earlier insights,
"Your purpose is the best means that will help you maximise your creativity and express your values to the fullest in a way that adds value to others - Coach Tarie: Wisdom Garden"

The PDL is about expressing our inner values. The major challenge is that our inner values compete with our inner needs and in most cases our lives tend to go in the direction of satisfying the inner needs. The path of PURPOSE DRIVEN LIVING (PDL) is a path less travelled because our inner needs cry louder than our values. It is those who chose the expression of values as a guiding light and delaying gratification who succeed in the PDL.

This walk does not mean neglecting to have the inner needs met, but choosing to have them met in a different but ideal way: IN GOD. One important point to note in the PDL walk is that God desires that your need for Love and Affection, need for Security and need for Significance be also met in a unique way as you fulfil your PURPOSE.

Our journey in the walk towards PURPOSE DRIVEN LIVING is meant to share ideas and inspire one another so that we are set free from the rat race trap of living to have our inner needs met in people, possessions, positions and power at the expense of the expression of our God given inner values.

Let's engage and share ideas because the future of our lives, family, communities, nation and continent can only be better as many of us discover and walk the PURPOSE DRIVEN LIVING (PDL).

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