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This blog exists to Enligten, Empower, Equip, Encourage, Educate, Enlist every one who reads and participate to become all they were Purposed to be, have all they were destined to have and do all they were wired to do by original design. The Greatest Wealth deposit is not underground but is locked in the creation called man only locked insight by attitude and perception.

This blog exists to open people's eyes to realisation of their responsibility and preset destiny as Masters of the earth and help in earth their potential to become which inevitably results in Leadership, Success and Excellence (GREATNESS) through provision of wisdom learnt from the Ultimate intelligence and research from many who have walked the road of success and left trails. Anyone who encounters materials on this blog with an attitude of engaged learning will be sharpened for greatness and in turn contribute back for learning on my part and the rest of the participators.

The world that you and I were educated for in school no longer exist and it's only those who can continuously LEARN, UNLEARN and RELEARN who have a stake in this world and the whole wide world yet to be discovered
Coach Tarie.

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