• A little recipe for success (Part 1)

    As young people young and old we have certain issues that affect our growth into adulthood, one of the things that matter most is success. How does one get to succeed in a Godly manner, in such a corrupt world? Do God’s principles really work in such a world or they are all old school and they will not get you anywhere?
    A little recipe for success (Part 1)

    We struggle a lot to be successful while not neglecting our nature as children of God to such an extent that we lose our sight along the path of success.
    • Does God want us to be successful?
    • Is it Godly to be rich? 
    • Does money satisfy? 
    • What is that one thing that you can do that will make you a lot more satisfied? 
    • What can satisfy a man?
    The above are questions we should ask each other and try to come up with true answers according to the Word of God. The below is a little recipe for a young person to be successful in a Godly.


    • Success can never be measured by the amount of resources one gathers but only when one is fulfilled and satisfied with themselves.
    • Your success is in your difference. What makes you different clearly shows your success, if you find yourself trying to match up with someone even if you achieve the goal it will never be success because it will not be able to satisfy you. 
    • You have to know that God put inside you the ability to become anything you want to become. The choice is in your hands. 
    • Then God created you He put everything that can get you anywhere you want inside you. 
    • You are the source of success that means you have no right to blame any other thing if you have not succeeded People have a tendency of putting the blame on a lot of things except themselves, it is the government or the company, its always someone else except them.
    • Success starts when you take the blame and responsibility for your status quo, responsibility brings out your potential it gives a platform to exercise your capacity and authority as a Son of God.
    • Many people who are satisfied with life are not those who have a lot of things but the ones who are confident that what they want is happening no matter how slowly.
    • If you know you are in the right direction towards what you want you will be satisfied even if you are not there yet. That satisfaction is what we call success. 
    • If you are not sure where you are going you will never be satisfied no matter how hard you work of how much you achieve. 
    • Your energy and motivation come from seeing progress if you do something without progressing you will lose hope. When you know what you want, whenever you make a little progress you will be satisfied.
    There was a survey made at a timber farm where men would cut trees with axes a long time ago in the Amazon Basin. They would cut the trees and be given 120-00 dollars per day. Now guys who were doing the survey went there and offered to give the tree cutters their 200 dollars but would cut trees using a blunt axe. They were not asked to cut as many trees but to work as many hours as they used to. The guys struggled to do the work they wouldn’t finish a day of work.

    After this they were asked why they could not do the work and one of them answered ,”when we would see the chips falling off the log slowly that would give us more energy to keep doing it”.
    • Now if you ask some people why they stopped doing their work they will tell you that “it wasn’t working”, this is the reason why people quit.

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