• Embrace the year 2015

    2015 is here. A new year does not bring anything new with it. You should have experienced enough new seasons to learn this lesson. Life is more of our decisions and actions and less of the times, seasons, years and new years.

    The new year comes as a time mark in a dispensation to give you an opportunity to sit, look back, evaluate, dream, aspire and get a new hope for the better. The difference comes in what we do with this God given gift of times and seasons.

    Embrace the year 2015
    Times and seasons are important for:
    1. Recuperation and gathering.
    After a season or time of activity one needs a time to rest and recover. End of year gives the mind a boost of new expectations.

    2. Progress Checking and Evaluation.
    Time marks give us an opportunity to assess and evaluate progress, results of actions and choices.

    3. Refocus and Goal setting.
    When you enter a new season you get an opportunity to forget the past and refocus and set goals for a new season.

    It is only when you use the above effectively and add to them a changed approach to life and goal directed action that the new year brings new fortunes. One has defined INSANITY as doing the same things and expecting different results.

    The only New Things that 2014 brought to you were the calamities and fortunes that you had no control over and those things that came as a result of some things that you did differently.

    Prophecies will always come with New Years, As l said in the Wisdom Garden, "Its not prophecy, vision of a dream that takes you to your destiny, but its the attitude that it creates in you that helps you to fight your way to your destiny."

    Be deliberate with 2015, the best way you can be sure what the new year has in store for you is to get insight of what the master has in store, plan for it, commit your plans to the Father and follow through with action.

    I hear the Spirit talking of Greater Grace To Awaken The Entrepreneurial spirit in you to transform your life and our continent.
    I wish you a Prosperous 2015 with greater strides to your destiny. I love you so much- Coach Tarie: Arise Africa Cause- ITS A LOVE REVOLUTION.

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