• The Greatest Enemy To Destiny!


    SCRIPTURE REFERENCE-James 4: 4-5; John 17: 9-17
    I have discovered that the greatest enemy to destiny is the system of the world and this is a term that has an abstract meaning and to be able to address and understand this issue we have to understand its meaning. I am going to define and deal with issue from the standpoint of the history maker, the man Jesus Christ. According to the way this man used the word taking it from the language which was in use at the documentation of the word which is Greek. The Greek word used is the word; “kosmos” translated as world ;order; arrangement; ornament which literally means an unredeemed order of humanity ruled and manipulated by the devil to advance his destructive cause of bringing to shame and diminishing the Glory of the Creator. From this definition we get to understand that the system of the world is the system that resulted and was built under the indirect influence of the devil after the fall of man. Man was created in the image of God and this is the nature which gave him the capacity to fellowship and relate to the Godhead. The fall resulted from man getting separated from fellowship with God. It was in this state of separation that man made the system that he now lives in. The devil had succeeded in separating man from God and could now influence man in building the system and hence the system of this world is built from a complete influence of the Devil.
    The Greatest Enemy To Destiny!
    The Master clearly communicated to his disciples and so it is to us that they were not of this world and so are we. Jesus said this because he knew that the reason why the world was in a state of chaos and groaning was because of this unredeemed order of humanity. It was working automatically like a machine and because everyone else who is born in it find himself in it and has no means of realising another it hence becomes his or her reality. If this man said we are not of this world then it definitely means there is another order of arrangement different from the existing one. Christ comes and when he enters the scene he says I am the Truth meaning all that ever has been has been a lie. He introduces himself as the Light of the world and announces the inception of a new world order which he calls the kingdom and this was the content of his message. This Kingdom is defined comparatively to the already existing kingdom as the kingdom of light [Colossians 1: 13-14]. In other words the new world that he came to introduce is called; the word of the word, the heavenly citizenship, Zion and the heavenly Jerusalem.

    To have a complete comprehension of this issue and understand why I call the system of the world as the greatest enemy for everyone to reach their destiny we have to understand what makes up a world order of arrangement.

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