• Could Clarity Of Purpose Be The Answer.

    Why the is so much frustration in the air- COULD CLARITY OF PURPOSE BE THE ANSWER.

    If you force a bolt into the wrong groove, it will not only hurt the bolt but the groove also. Are you finding it difficult to get fulfilment and satisfaction out of your job, business or career? If you find yourself in wrong placement of any sort, not only do you hurt yourself but also others around you. Much of the frustration in the air is as a result of wrong placement in terms of work, occupation, career, business.
    Could Clarity Of Purpose Be The Answer.
    We at Coach Tarie Coaching and Consultancy (COTACC) are there for you to help you get out of frustration and be in the right place where you can do everything you should be doing. Imagine taking great risks climbing to the top of a very long unstable ladder only to find that it was leaning on the wrong wall. Robert Clinton did a 15 year research with over 3000 case studies of Christian Leaders who were leading different churches. The research showed that only 20% had reached a place that he called convergence. Convergence, which I call destiny according to him is the place where one was in a role that matched what they felt was the highest and best use of the gifting or call that they saw on their life when they were young and doing what they were really passionate about.
    If only 20% of Church leaders to whom everyone looks up to where in the right placement, I wonder what it is like across all the fields across the scale. Are you in a place where you are doing something because that is what matches your academic qualifications or because it matches parental expectations or is something that gave you prestige and social status or otherwise you are there because it is the only thing that is available? This describes the majority of people, and many think there is no way to escape and be free to do what is the best use of their gifts, skills, talents and abilities and what they love, are passionate about and enjoy doing. If you are in such a position frustration is always high and you will not only be hurt but hurt those around as well.

    Families, children other citizens will receive the bashing of someone who is frustrated for not being in control and they inturn also react from their own frustrations and the result is a recurring cycle of societal chaos at all levels. It is a rat race that was born from failure to understand the true source of fulfilment in life in a materialistic world. The greatest lie that is fueling this meaningless system is the deception that amassing wealth will in the end give you fulfilment. The retirement fallacy that they can sacrifice an enjoyable process so that they will have freedom after retirement which will never be a reality when one is in the retirement years is enslaving many. Actually retirement and rest was never the goal of life and some of the most frustrated people in life are pensioners when they fail to get hold of the fulfilment that they thought would get after living the most fruitful ages of their lives doing what was never the best and passionate use of their lives.

    You can make a choice today of identifying what you were wired to do and set goals and create plans of finding that place of destiny and convergence earlier and live a fulfilled life being a blessing to those whom you love or lead or are really important to you. We are there to help you discover yourself and be re aligned for an exciting and fulfilling journey to convergence. You need a life coach to help you be the best and happiest you can ever be. Michael Jordan as a skilled high school basketball player got a man who was willing to be his personal coach and told him that he was skilled but lacked the motivation of a champion. He shifted his focus from measuring himself against those he was playing with and taught him to compete against his previous best. He began to live a motivated life competing with no one but his own previous records, and a champion was born.

    A first century inspired writer said, "All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose." Do you know your reason of existence (purpose). Get in touch so that we may work together to help you discover you purpose and then come up with a plan that can help you take you life from where you are to the place where you can be in a role that maximizes you potential, gifts, abilities and skills, doing something that you love and are passionate about.

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