• Intervention for this Complex and fast Changing World.

    The world you are and I were trained for no longer exists and the present and future is for those who have mastered the skills of unlearning, learning, relearning and continuous learning- Coach Tarie: Wisdom Garden.

    The things that are really important in life are not taught in the conventional education systems of life and many leave these educational systems with complete confidence and expectation that they have what it takes for living successful lifestyles. Life is so complex and the conventional educations systems have not managed to give us the necessary tools for life. You might not believe this but let's see if this is true.

    I am intelligent enough and celebrated in and around but I am not in control in my life and life has no meaning. Life is changing faster than I am learning how can I learn faster. My relationship with the people I love most is not working and I cannot communicate to be understood. Every 5 minutes something new in the technological circles is invented but can the users be able to adapt to this fast changing world. With the rise of social networks which seem to be very anti- social, I am networked on every site but there is a yearning for more personal and intimate connection inside of me. I am very confident when online but I am failing to relate well in school and with friends when I meet them.
    Intervention for this Complex and fast Changing World.
    Intervention for this Complex and fast Changing World.
    How do I lead a people who maybe are becoming more knowledgeable than me? I can't balance work and family as the system is demanding me to work more to keep up. Everyone else respects me and honors me except my wife. How can I protect my earning ability with many more experienced people vying to take my place for less pay. My business was running smoothly until a few years ago and I am failing strategically to keep it going. Is there anyway I can find a job where I can do what I enjoy doing and do what I am skilled in? Can I be free from this life of living from hand to mouth?

    I am daily failing to find meaning in my spiritual life as the religious routines and practices are not giving me an edge and meaning in life. I have moved from that church to that one and thought that connecting with this prophet and his annointing would give me success and financial freedom but it is not happening. Why am I on earth? With so many things calling for my attention how can I manage my time well? So much information is coming to me daily how do I know the right information to use and how can I can I put it to action for my success? What courses should I take and what is the best career path for me?

    Is this you that I have been describing and how can I work around life you may ask. Life coaching is for you and it is the right intervention but what is it. It is new to my culture what is it all about.

    Life coaching is an intervention that bridges the gap between where you are and where you would dream to be in every facet of your life be it spiritual, emotional, academic, family, relationships, career, finances and even civic engagement.

    I call life coaching an intervention that gives you Complexity Intelligence (CQ). With a lot of training to develop your Intelligence and Emotional Quotients (IQ and EQ) people are still being frustrated as they can't fully get hold of success in its entirety. They may succeed in one area but not the others so what do they need. Complexity intelligent gives you proven, timeless and universal principles, tools and success mechanisms that help you to deal with complex life situations in a very fast changing world that is moving faster that we are learning. Life Coaching connects you to professional life coaches who have learnt from and researched on many successful models and applied the mechanisms in their individual lives.

    Life Coaching though popular in the Western World like in America, Australia and Europe is relatively new to our part of the globe. It is different from Counselling, Training and Mentoring and many other related interventions. Life coaching is forward looking and equips you with tools and life skills that you will need before and even as you go through the complexities of life as a whole. Counselling is a post happening intervention that comes after something has already happened. Mentoring is a personal relationship to someone who has had success in a specific areal be it finance, business or family. It is restricted to a specific area while life coaching is holistic and connects you to a person who equips you with tools, and like in sports coaches, lives you to play the game then helps you evaluate adjust and re- engage. Motivation is also different from Life Coaching as it focuses on inspiring you and showing you what you can do without necessarily showing you how and giving you the tools.

    The terms may be new but the concept is old and even in bible times there were life Coaches and according to me the the greatest of them being Jesus Christ who clearly stated that he had come that they would have life and have it in its fullness......life in all the facets of life mentioned above. He equipped 12 men and would release them to implement what he would have taught them and would regroup, evaluate, intervene, correct and redirect them until after a three year intervention period let them go and they turned the world upside down with little academic achievement but superior life skills.

    Life Coaching addresses and equips with tools that help your in Self Awareness, Self Confidence, Communication, Goal Setting, Planning, purpose and career coaching, accelerated learning techniques, leadership, Self Image, Public Speaking, Team Building, Time Management, Parenting, Business Coaching, Academic Performance Coaching, Holistic Balanced Living, Entrepreneurship and many more. Get connected with a Life Coach whose passion is to see you succeed and become all that you were created to be, have all you were destined to have in order to do all you were wired to do. There is so much more to life than you have imagined and some people have invested their lives to study, learn and discover universal and timeless success tools, principles and skills ready to help you apply them and share in the same world of holistic success in every area of your life. Get your own life coach today.

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