• Who Should Celebrate Heroes and How!?

    Why is it that very few people continue to see value in our Heroes and Independence holidays? The celebration of these holidays has now become so political and the majority just find the holidays as good times to be away from work without any thought about the reason for the season.  

    Who are the Heroes in the lives of our telegraphic generation that spend most of their times on screens? Could it be the Ben 10s, Superman and many other comic figures? Do such kind of heroes give the right values, identities and perceptions for the development of Africa? As a personal sentiment I believe the bible has the real Hero in Jesus Christ the Messiah, Lord of the universe whose heroics have given hope to the whole human race. 

    Even though it is so, the same God who has given us the Lord Jesus is the one who has separated us by setting geographical boundaries and races and has chosen not to robe us of national, ethnical identities but to enlighten them with Kingdom of God values. It is from this understanding that I am writing that the younger generation, the whole religious community and all the citizens of Zimbabwe may also learn to appreciate our own heroes as a nation and get some lessons that can be adopted for a better, fruitful and productive Zimbabwe and Africa.
    Who Should Celebrate Heroes and How!?

    The best way to celebrate our Heroes holiday is also in understanding our true value as a nation. The people who went to war of liberation understood true value and saw their lives as nothing compared to the value that Zimbabwe would have for many generations that would follow. It was a good spirit that was driving them, the true Chimurenga spirit of self-sacrifice. I understand this spirit as a generational attitude that is willing to do whatever it takes for the future generations on what belongs to them. The bible clearly illustrates this saying, 

    A good man leaves an inheritance for his children's children, but a sinner's wealth is stored up for the righteous. (Proverbs 13:22)NIV 

    The Heroes who died and those who are still living saw their lives as worthy of sacrifice for the benefit that a free Zimbabwe would be to many generations that would follow.   Do the living Zimbabweans see this value? Are the politicians, statesman, policy makers, industrialists, corporate leaders, municipal office bearers seeing it this way or they are quickly losing understanding of this value. The current socio economic challenges, degradation of our land, nation, morals, industries, societies are an indicator of failure to appreciate value. Jesus said you cannot give pearls to pigs and could it be that the living generations are like pigs not realising the value of the pearls that God has given us as sons of the soil.

     Awakening to true value will bring down the seeming giant of corruption. It's not that corruption is too big an issue. It's not corruption that is on the increase but its Zimbabweans and Africans that are quickly losing the grip of understanding their true value and the value that their nations have for their posterity. People who can't see value in themselves and their nation will not see themselves as worthy to defend their heritage.  They see themselves as not deserving of this heritage and will not see how deserving the next generation is of this heritage and are willing to exchange for potash, their inheritance just like Esau who sold his birth right for food and instant gratification.

    Corruption is giving away our nation to those who understand true value and as the ones who understands true value comes they will occupy our land and it would need another Chimurenga to get our nation back. Sell-outs are not only those who are willing to allow the aliens to come and take over but also those who are in deep corruption and are making us lose grip of our nation so that it is left to any taker who understands true value. Corruption rises when people in influential positions at any level fail to realise value and understand the long term effect of their daily decisions. 
    What is in our nation is the Jacob and Esau issue to which God clearly declared that Jacob I love and Esau I hate. Esau is not a person but Esau is a thinking pattern and a system that leads to degradation, loss and poverty. Aa thinking pattern that is short term and focusses on instant gratification.

     The key to poverty alleviation is appreciation of value for appreciation of value. What does this mean. There cannot be appreciation of value (a rise of our worth that comes with an increase in Gross Domestic Product and Value addition on our products) of our resources if there is no appreciation of value (inner self worth and personal and national identity) of what we already are and have. We are talking of value addition to a people who are not seeing the value at all to what we are and have that needs value to be added to. Heroes never cease to be made but are made daily when people catch the Chimurenga spirit of generational thinking and tackle the giants of the day for the good of their children’s children.

     Arise Africa as we celebrate Independence and Heroes. If we truly celebrated independence and heroes for what it is, Zimbabwe would not be where it is. The true celebrations of heroes were left behind in the first few years of independence when people had perfect understanding of the true value that they had fought for. People who had this understanding where willing to WORK and serve as SERVANT LEADERS but the real SERVANT LEADERSHIP is slowly being lost as everyone is thinking of filling their coffers and getting it all for themselves. The extinction of work and service is an indicator of the loss of true value and identity at every level of our society, for true work is a result of true appreciation of value.  The only thing that will save our continent is A LOVE REVOLUTION where love is defined as perfect knowledge, perfect understanding and true value. Where we don’t just do things with today in mind but thinking generationally and planning with the longest view of the future we can have. Let our decisions be guided by the thought of the generations that will follow and the impact of such choices three or four generations from today. 

    As Arise Africa Cause this is what is driving us and this is what has made me to sacrifice my own freedom and pursuit for my individual successes to bring the Kingdom of God to all areas of relevance by bringing all stakeholders together. This is for the sole purpose of coming up with Kingdom Apostolic Models for the seven mountains that influence our choices and destinies which are Politics, Arts, Media, Business, Education, Religion and Family so that we will have control of the destiny of this generation and others that will follow. Happy Heroes Holiday Zimbabwe- Coach Tarie: Arise Africa Cause- It’s a Love Revolution.

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