Your ability to set goals and make plans to accomplish them is the master key to success and the development of this skill requires continuous practice and serious work on yourself which only the top 5% of people do.

    As I was walking along the road with two of my friends in 2008 something unusual happened to me. I heard an audible voice, loud and clear enough, yet my friends couldn’t hear. I stopped trying to come to terms to what had happened and and verify if I heard correctly. To make sure I heard it correctly, the voice spoke a second time the same words and said, ‘The destiny of this generation is in your hands’. With my Christian background it was easy to understand what was happening to me. I knew it was the voice of God. I stood for a moment trying to figure out what that meant and with no clue trotted to catch up with my friends who never realized what had just happened. I shared with them what had happened and we all could not really understand what it meant.

    Your ability to set goals and make plans to accomplish them is the master key to success and the development of this skill requires continuous practice and serious work on yourself which only the top 5% of people do.

    I took time in prayer, research and study trying to figure out what it meant until I began to understand that my central purpose was to define a new and better destiny for as many people as I could. Immorality, HIV and Aids, potential unrealized, unproductive and unemployed youths, frustrated masses, unstable families, weak economies and uncertainties about the future was the order of the day. Where was my generation headed to? There were a number of things and spheres around that were somehow key in defining where people would end up. Why was it that the majority of young people irrespective of their uniqueness seemed to be headed to one end and the end was not the best? I embarked on a journey to try and find out what it was that was controlling the destiny of the masses and in this search a vision was born and I named it No Limits Movement.

    Central Purpose: Know what you want. Why am I saying all this, without any teaching on goal setting, vision and planning I had already started to do what the top 5% of people who are living large and influencing societies do. I had just figured out my central purpose in life. I knew what I was on this earth for. I knew what I wanted in life? To succeed in life, on a vision, project, business, sale, date or anything that you embark on, the most important and foremost step is clarity of purpose: Knowing what you want. This is the first step in the goal setting process. It is important to know what you want in the long term, that is in 20 years’ time then come to the midterm of 5 years and then you get to what you would want in this year that would contribute positively to realizing your 20 year plan. The above illustration applies when you are thinking of life in the broader scale but the same is true for projects or any small endeavors. Just begin with a clear picture of the desired end.

    Imagination: Your creative force and ability. I was clear with what I wanted; I was going to come up with a system that would contribute to the spheres that influenced the destinies of nations and masses. To put substance to my intended end, imagination was the key. My desired end and figuring out how to get there became my obsession. Daily affirming, writing and rewriting your goals imprints them in you and making them your obsession opens yourself to access different realms that are necessary to help you get to the desired end. What it takes to help you realize anything is something that we all have, the highest creative power given to every human being: IMAGINATION. I began to use my imagination to build the kind of system that would influence this generation most. If everything were perfect and all conditions permitted what would I want to realize? This question liberates our imagination from all limitations and helps us generate more energy through desire that helps us overcome the seeming limitations. Research, Prayer, reading the word of God to capacitate myself to believe for bigger things, Imagination and Visualization came together and created a vision of No Limits Movement. In the same way you can use what I used to have a clear vision of how you would get what you want. You begin with a clear purpose of what it is you would want to do and use imagination and the above mentioned factors to come up with how you will get to what you want, which is your vision.

    From Vision to Goals I came with a clear picture of the Vision of No Limits Movement as to ‘OUTDO’ the system, with ‘OUTDO’ as an acronym to mean;

    Opening the eyes of people to understand their responsibility and preset destiny as saviours.
    Unearthing their potential to become all they were wired to be for the purpose of..
    Taking over mountains of influence with Kingdom of God values and culture by
    Developing systems so that we can
    Orchestrate the destiny of a generation.

    We created a model of how this would be done through the 10 arms of the vision which are;

    1. No limits Worship Centre (churches)
    2. School of leadership, success and excellence (SOLSE)
    3. Family Unit Nurturing and Development Organization (FUN & DO)
    4. Youth with an Attitude ( Kingdom Swag under it)
    5. Arise Africa Cause
    6.Kingdom Solutions
    7. Girl Child Movement
    8. Men of Honour
    9. Women of Virtue
    10. Kingdom Kids.

    With this blue print of a vision clearly written down, the goal setting process began. It began with coming up with a strategic plan of where we were to start and then how we are going to begin to build the various arms and see slowly the big vision that seemed unrealistic and big come to pass. It's now almost 5 years since the vision was birthed but of the above arms, a number of them are already existing separate organizations standing on their own. We are happy to have 2 worship centers, SOLSE, FUN&DO, ARISE AFRICA CAUSE, and KINGDOM SWAG all operating as separate organizations. We have not really worked according to the times that we had set but we have not been too far from the targets and yet so far from where we started. So it is important to note that when you have a road map of how you are going to get what you want, begin to come up with a strategic plan that has clearly defined and written goals with time frames. We are realizing progress towards what seemed to be a dream which many thought was out of this world when we started, but now has been picking along the way support from all angles as it has been attracting the necessary resources and support.

    In closing I have this to say; to accomplish whatever goal no matter how big or small is achievable by understanding the power of goal setting. You begin by being clear of what it is that you want. We begin with the end in mind. Then with a clear picture of the end you use your imagination teamed up with prayer, the word of God, affirmations, visualizations and research to come up with a road map of how you intend to get to your end. With your vision in place come up with a strategic plan than breaks down your big goal into plans of actions that are timed into small achievable yearly, monthly, weekly, daily and hourly goals. Every goal, no matter how big or small is achievable and can start somewhere; it can be broken to hourly tasks. The journey of a thousand mikes begins somewhere ..., with a single step. A vision that cannot start now will never materialize. I have been doing it and it has been working and I decided to start to help other people in how they can begin to do the same and realize their dreams and fulfill their potential and it is from this desire that my own consultation company was birthed, Coach Tarie Coaching and Consultancy (COTACC).

    Start the New Year differently to get different results. One has defined Insanity as doing the same things and expecting different results, so do not be insane. COTACC is there to help individuals, families, corporates, and organizations to become all they were wired to be, have all they were capacitated to have in order to do all they were destined to do by original design.

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