Holiness is an issue that has always been a critical and central in the system of the Worship of Jehovah Father God and in his relations to mankind. Holiness has always been attributed to this distinct God, Jehovah Father God if there could be other gods. His instruction to his covenant people has always been holiness and in his sonially consecrated'.

    From this understanding we see earlier own Jehovah Father God talking of creating a Holy Nation out of the nation of Israel and to teach them and communicate the concept. We see holy ground in the Moses encounter with the burning bush, holy temple, utensils and things used in the temple.

    To my understanding the use of set apart places, utensils and all the things was to communicate a truth that was supposed to end up with a noble cause that would improve people's lives and hence their living conditions.

    When a people are in poverty or in serious need they are open to any external suggestions that promise them to help them out of their plight. As someone so passionate of the raising of our own African people to a place of control over their economic, political and social destiny, I have taken time to analyse what is happening in our nations.
    We see holy ground in the Moses encounter with the burning bush, holy temple, utensils and things used in the temple.
    The impact of the so called global recession has affected global economies from the small to great, but the impact being evident on the nations that were already lagging behind in development, of which Africa is included. It is easily noteworthy that of late people have turned to God for help in these adverse conditions, but have they turned to the true God? Who is introducing them to God and how much are the people who are introducing them to this God acquainted with this God? Every closing building in our city is being occupied by another church if not a sports betting shop.

    Many prophets are rushing to the West, and not the traditional West which was known for its development and economic stability but West Africa. Holy men of God are coming with their Holy oils, water, mantles and wrist bands with power to annoint holy pens, condoms and all other holy stuff. Is this what will save our people or have we missed out on something? Churches are being opened and people are flocking to get the holy things for their deliverance, healings and for better livelihoods. Religious meetings have become bigger than political meetings showing us where people have put their hope. From a concerned heart, is this the solution for Africa?

    Going back to the Jehovah Father God's original intent, we see God desiring to build a Holy Nation consisting Holy People.

    And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation. These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel. (Exo 19: 6)

    For I am the Lord your God: ye shall therefore sanctify yourselves, and ye shall be holy; for I am holy: (Lev 11: 44)

    The plan that would make political, social and economic difference was a people who had been set apart and consecrated to a kingdom way of thinking and doing, a people set apart to God. This was the essence of Holiness- being set apart to God's way of doing things in every sphere of life.

    I believe with the masses turning to God it is the sole responsibility of the people who stand in the offices of leadership in the religious and church circles to give people the right ideology for development. The church has a key role for Africa's development as the people have faith in religion and the spiritual world as the solution to their problems.

    I believe it's the responsibility of the church leaders to see if their approaches to the word are empowering or disempowering people. The phenomenon that has gripped the nation is focussing on making every other thing holy but not the desperate masses. The true biblical approach to better lives has been empowering people to have a personal relationship with the only Holy God and begin to receive holiness in their lives so that it would manifest in righteousness of conduct which is narrowed down to the right way of doing things. Holy people will manifest their holiness in the right way of doing things in politics, governance, administration, relationships, business and all affairs that affect man.

    Something should be wrong with the current approaches as there is increasing number of holy things but also increasing corruption and immorality.

    As Arise Africa Cause we have taken an initiative of bringing together Africans from across the scale of church, politics, business, education, arts, media and family to take an honest evaluation of approaches that are being used and begin to come up with models that would work for us for a better Africa for the next generation.

    Our ideology and actions not only have impact on our lives but on the lives of the coming generations. Lets come together and come up with home grown solutions for our people, which I believe do not need many of these holy things but to become holy themselves.

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