Laws of Kingdom Prosperity- The Law of Multiplication (Law 6)

    Be Fruitful, MULTIPLY, replenish the earth and subdue it…. Gen 1: 28

    In one way or the other you have produced something, you have come up with an idea, and you have had fruit of some sort. You have cooked something special, designed something or done something of note but it died out because there is a law that you did not apply. It's a law that separates success from failure, prosperity from poverty. Come let us look at the next law and get to the next step.

    We talked earlier on about fruitfulness as the command to prosperity, obedience to which guarantees prosperity. Fruitfulness is when one has been productive and they have something attributed to their name. We talked of different dimensions of fruitfulness for mankind from fruit of the womb, fruit of thoughts, fruit of the mouth, fruit of the spirit to fruit of the hands and body. With all this in mind, how does one move from the level of fruitfulness to multiplication?

    Fruitfulness is is when for an example Adam and Eve bore Cain and Abel, the fruit of thoughts is when Thomas Edison had the first working light bulb in his hand. When Jah Prayzah had his first CD in his hand from the studio that is the fruit of his lips. It is when I first produced my first Zim Colours Jacket, a fruit of handiwork, or when Jesus had successfully spend 3 years cultivating the fruit of the Spirit in his 11 of his 12 disciples. Fruitfulness is when you have it in your hand but that is not enough for prosperity's sake. What you do with prosperity determines whether you will prosper or not.

    The law of Multiplication states that, in every fruit there is seed that can produce many after the kind of the fruit. When you have successfully produced a product that solves a problem, in the solution is a mechanism to produce many of the same products to solve problems on a larger scale. If it works, then reproduce many after that kind. Reproduce what is working. Success is a product of repeated steps. Repeat success on a larger scale, for anything that is not repeated dies.

    As Thomas Edison became fruitful with the first successful light bible, prosperity began his portion when the bulbs were multiplied to light one city to another. A musician takes their master copy and multiplies it to sell to many people. We hear of so and so making record sales of albums and that's the law of multiplication at work. When the Zim Colours Jacket was on demand and we made many of them after that kind it is the law of multiplication at work. Jesus after 3 years of producing a different kind of leaders, he sent them off with an instruction of going out to make disciples of all nations. They had to multiply what was working. Maybe you have at one time produced fruit of some sort and you wonder what happened. You had an idea or you were good at something but were you able to reproduce the first level of success.

    Many had good products, many good songs or albums were produced, many great preachers have come by in history but the kingdom impact is minimal. There have arisen many people whom God has been using mightily. History has great leaders that we read about. Many great art works have been produced, but they may be hidden somewhere in a corner. Many great fruits were buried with their producers in the graveyards. Why has it been so? As we mentioned earlier, anything that is not repeated dies. We say a leader or preacher has been successful if they do great works and build big ministries, organizations or movements but unless the leader reproduces himself then prosperity will not be realized. Make every effort to multiply whats working.

    We hear of great leaders and how their empires all came down because of violation of the Law of multiplication. Jesus is the greatest leader of all time, he led a movement for just three years but its impact is now over two milleniums. He left 11 inner circle leaders who could do what he used to do. He multiplied himself by reproducing who he was in his followers.

    Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marvelled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus. [Acts 4: 13]

    The law of multiplication is seen in one of the strongest principles of business growth called the Franchise system. The franchise system is identified with the man called Ray Croc and McDonald’s. Statistics say McDonald’s has over 30 000 restaurants worldwide and making over $50 billion dollars every year. The business started as a single unit selling Hamburgers and they documented all procedures into a franchise to the extent that wherever you are in the world a McDonald’s burger is the same, tastes the same and takes the same amount of time to prepare. The business is in over 120 countries and has been in operation for over 4 decades. He multiplied his fruit and years after his gone his family is still enjoying his prosperity.

    It’s not how big or small your fruit is but it is to the extent that you multiply it. Back home we know of a cleaning company called Nemchem. I don't have much history about the organisation but it's a simple cleaning fruit that has been multiplied to be done in a certain way consistently and repeatedly and prosperity is for the founders. That simple fruit that you have, it may look small but it will mean much when multiplied. Find ways of multiplying what you have. A 10cents profit on a loaf bread is employing many people working for bakeries because of the volumes of bread sold in a single day. Multiply whatever you have.

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