What the mind can conceive the earth can mould and make a reality because whatever you see was once a thought which was  later clothed by Mother Earth and her children - Coach Tarie: Wisdom Garden

    What the mind can conceive the earth can mould and make a reality because whatever you see was once a thought which was  later clothed by Mother Earth and her children - Coach Tarie: Wisdom Garden
    Whenever you want to take away someone's creativity and ability to come up with creative solutions make them think that their destiny is in the hands of someone. Education and Religion, the kind that we have received, have managed to convince us to think that someone outside ourselves is totally in charge of our destinies. Someone is in charge of making our lives better, fixing our economy, providing employment, resuscitating our industries and we believe they will come up with the solutions and will work to make the ideas a reality: this is the thinking of the majority. 

    Others think differently and have been taken by religion and are looking for a deity or God or anointed man of God to be the one who will determine their destiny. They pray for change and think prayer will do all the work and fail to  remember that God has given them the power to create and is there to help and assist on what they can do. He will not do it for us. The continents who realised that, were architectures of their destinies and are now developed as they did not wait for miraculous interventions of prayer but used creativity and work to be where they are. Only Africa expects a better future without harnessing the creative power of its people.

    The first and most fundamentals life skill that I have chosen to talk about in this series of 'what the education system didn't teach me that I can not succeed without', is what I have called Creative Thinking. Why is it that we have been cultured in a way that creativity and arts are not really rewarded. Young children are taken in a system that does not rewards arts, creativity and imaginative prowess but rewards memory and representation of facts that have been used in the past and shaped the world to be what it is. 

    We are trained to study history and historical success stories, theories, tools, models, approaches and methods, memorise them and find how we can apply them in our daily living. Those who mastered this skill are rewarded highly and we neglect those who have creative and imaginative skills. This approach shuts creativity and imagination out of the picture and labels the creative child who cannot follow this system as dull and dumb. Creativity is not rewarded but the world today is in the hands of those who not only thought out of the box but moved out of the box and used the SKILL OF CREATIVITY like the Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg. Strive Masiiwa and many like such. What made them outstanding is not taught in school and it is the skill that has to be developed if Africa is going to pick itself out of the dungeon and that skill is called Creative Thinking.

    Sometime ago as I was browsing through various social networks I came across the story of a young man from one of our Zimbabwean schools who got 35 points at A level. That is real intelligence at the highest level but one question came to my mind. What is that young man going to do if they get to University? Either they will get a scholarship to learn abroad or they will enroll at our own local universities. What programs are at his disposal? It was in seeking answers to these questions that I discovered that someone designed our education system so as to keep us down and dependable. 

    The brightest students from our High Schools are taken into fields which are second choice to our development. The best students go and do Medicine, Law and Accounting all of which are service provision fields and none of them are creative and foundational in the success and development of nations. Issues that are crucial to industrial build up and that harness creative ability  are relegated to polytechnics which generally take those who have not made it for the prestigious degrees in universities. We are committing the brightest minds to service provision and not channel them to systems and fields that maximize on their creativity in a way that is developmental. Creative thinking is the biggest skill that you need for success and the system does not want you to know it.

    When we are in the survival mode and the system that has been running our lives is not giving us the kind of outcomes that are good for our development, creative thinking is the skill needed. Mankind was created in the image and likeness of the creator and given everything  raw or in its seed form. The kind of results and lifestyle he would get was not going to be a product of prayer alone or asking the creator but using his creative ability which was just like God's to responsibly work the environment to get what he wanted. There were and still are no limits to what you can  get.

    The Education system that we have been using has not taught us how to use the creative thinking skill and neither has it taught us how to develop it. It is a skill because it can be deliberately developed like any other skill like sporting skills. To get what you want you need to get out of the box of how everyone is living and create new products, ideas, models, solutions or new ways of doing things.

    The good news is that Creative Thinking is a skill that can be cultivated. Whilst we await on using the skill to come up with Educational Models and Curriculums that work on this skill which will take long, we can learn more of this skill and quickly apply it at individual and corporate levels. Moving from survival to success is not possible without creative thinking and for your success as an individual, be it Spiritually, Emotionally, Relationally, Financially, health wise, career-wise or in any facet of your life you have to learn this skill and use it. Every new thought or idea or that insight that comes to your mind is the sign of the seeds of creativity that are in you ready to be harnessed. The same can be applied at corporate and organizational levels if we want to see creativity at work in our organizations or in any other field.

    If you have success in mind then Creative Thinking is a must have skill and in all your getting get this skill. With so many resources in Africa the reason why we remain poor and dependent is our inability to create a culture that fosters creativity. It's those without the resources but the creativity skill that get the most out our resources. The richest places in Africa are not the soils and minerals, but are small pockets between the ears of the vast millions of Africans. Mining is the answer to Africa's problem but we are mining the wrong minerals. Africa needs miners who will dig deep the human minds and souls and extract and develop the treasures of Creative thinking. With these treasures we can get the best out of our deep and rich natural heritage.

     As a life Coach I have come with many concepts that many wonder at in the form of the organizations I lead and the approaches that we used to do our programmes and projects. Our way of doing things is unique. I have taken the lead in beginning to teach individuals and organizations on how to develop this priceless skill of Creative thinking and we use many approaches and tools  like, The 7 step Creative process, Diverging thinking, Smart Questions Approach, Neuro Linguistic programming, lateral thinking, six hats thinking and many other tools that suits your liking and personality. Coach Tarie Coaching and Consultancy (COTACC) in partnership with the Arise Africa Cause is determined to work and see the master skill of Creative Thinking together with many other skills to be highlighted in this SKILL FACTOR series developed in the African.

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