Skill Factor: Introduction 

    What school didn't teach me that I can not do without.

    The world you and I were trained for no longer exists, the world we are living in is for those who have mastered the skill of learning, unlearning and relearning- Coach Tarie: Wisdom Garden.

    What is everyone looking for in life? Whether knowingly or not, people are looking for happiness. Everyone wants to be happy and many do not understand what it takes to be happy. Happiness is not something that one gets from the outside world but is a product from within. Our happiness comes from our interactions with our environment. To be happy we need to be control of what we do. What we do is a product of our inner world and some soft skills that we carry.

    We usually are happy and satisfied to the degree that we feel we are in control of our lives and what happens around us. Psychologists talk of the Law of Control which states that, “We feel good of ourselves to the exact degree that we feel we are in control of our own lives and we feel bad, unhappy and out of harmony with ourselves to the exact degree that we feel we are controlled by outer circumstances, other people and things beyond our control.

    Anything that gives us some sort of success in major areas of life like the realization of peace of mind (freedom from fear, anger or guilt), health and physical energy, loving relationships, financial freedom, worthy goals and ideals and personal fulfilment (self-actualization), is therefore key to our happiness. What does it take to have success in the above areas? It is a combination of our inner values, beliefs and skills that we develop in life. Success in the major areas that determine our happiness is never an accident but has been understood to be a science that can be learnt by anyone.

    The sad truth is that the education systems that we invest lots of our resources, energy and time in, contributes less to the development of the necessary skills that are necessary for success. According to a research conducted at Stanford University about skills needed to be successful in life, they discovered that success required skills that come in two clusters. The first cluster is composed of what they call domain knowledge or technical knowledge or expertise of one’s field.  These are skills acquired with work, career or employment in mind. These are the skills acquired generally in the schooling system. It is sad that these skills according to the study contribute just 15% to life success hence to happiness. The other cluster of skills is what are called soft skills, people skills or abstract skills. These are skills that are not generally acquired in school. The interesting reality is that these skills have an 85% contribution to success and happiness.  

    Looking at the hiring and firing in the employment circles, according to the same Stanford research, 80% of people who are fired, is as a result of lack of soft skills and only 20% are fired because of lack of technical skills required for the job. As this is not enough the amount of investment that people put in these two skill clusters is breathtaking. 80% of resources from childhood are spent in the acquisition of technical and expertise skills in the schooling system and only 20% is invested towards the development of soft skills. It is upon this background that as a life coach I have invested over 10 years of research into these life skills that are not taught in school but necessities in life. I have taken researches done by Universities and other experts for the last century together with priceless wisdom of the Kingdom of God that is focused on the impartation of these soft skills. It is sad that religion has failed to get the kingdom focus which addresses soft skills and is generally focusing on the lighter issues. 

    With the priceless information that I have acquired in my years of experience as a life Coach, my coaching has put central focus on helping individuals, families, companies and other organizations to fulfill their potential. It is in this quest that I have seen the significance of the soft skills. I have come up with a course that empowers people to have these soft skills that are not taught in schools which I have called ‘Skill Factor: What School Did Not Teach Me that Life Always Asks of Me’. The skill set covers aspects of Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Public Speaking, Leadership, Goal Setting, Time Management, Team work, Decision Making, Pressure Management and Relationship management to manage just a few.

    Follow Coach Tarie on Skill Factor as we tackle the different skills that are not taught in school that are relevant for success in life.

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