• 'Must Pass Exam' For Success in building your life, business or organisation: Part 2

    'Must Pass Exam' For Success in building your life, business or organisation: Part 2

    If you do not allow God to tell you who you are, the system of this world will, and you are in great trouble if you start small- Coach Tarie: The Wisdom Garden Volume 1

    In my last publication I introduced this subject of the exam that one must pass to succeed in life, business or any other venture. I talked about reasons why many are frustrated and have meaningless lives and why many fail to have businesses, projects or families that succeed. I said, it took coming smart in the exam of three questions. It’s an exam that is interesting because you are allowed to take the exam home with you and can consult. The three questions are:
    1.       Who are you?
    2.       What do you do?
    3.       Who do you do it for?

    Who are you?
    Today we are going to talk about the first question. You cannot do anything that is beyond who you think you are. You cannot outperform your self-concept. Life begins with reconciliation, for everyone is born away from reality. The happiest people in life have been reconciled to their true identity. This process starts with reconciliation with your real Father followed by reconciliation with the original you. The happiest people are the ones who know their true identity. The social gaps in life, the dilemmas, the chaos, the pain, the tears, the problems and all that is not in place shows us spaces that are waiting for people to discover who they are.

    Successful businesses and organisations also need an identity. They also have to answer the same question and be clear about who they are. Who are you as a business or organisation? Successful businesses or organisations have a corporate or organisational identity that they are built upon. This incorporates what early philosophers called the ethos of an organisation. This is a base of what makes the entity, building on the vision, mission and values of the organisation. Businesses with clear identities and uniqueness will in the long run be realized by credibility, reputation and integrity (the ethos of the organisation).  Over a long period, businesses which have an identity built on unique fundamental unchanging principles will be brands that will get the fair share of the market.

    Who you are can only be traced to your origin. You were created in the image of God to be like God. Let us look at what was in the mind of the maker when he created you.

    God spoke: "Let us make human beings in our image, make them reflecting our nature so they can be responsible for the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, the cattle, And, yes, Earth itself, and every animal that moves on the face of Earth."

    God created human beings; he created them godlikeReflecting God's nature. He created them male and female.

    God blessed them: "Prosper! Reproduce! Fill Earth! Take chargeBe responsible for fish in the sea and birds in the air, for every living thing that moves on the face of Earth." [Gen 1:26-28]

    The above words show that by original design you were created;

    a.    To reflect God’s Nature and be Godlike.
    To reflect God’s nature means to be a mirror reflection of God in everything. In your thoughts, words, attitude and actions. The gaps in politics, business, arts, media, education, religion and family are a reflection of a people who do not know that they are created to reflect God’s nature. This understanding or encounter with the creator’s original idea about you will change your self-concept. It is self-concept that determines what you will do and how far you can go. No one can succeed beyond their self-concept.

    Declaring who you are with conviction will give you the hands to get hold of your destiny, have control and influence your environment in ways that puts smiles on people’s faces and thanksgiving to God in their hearts.

    You are the very offspring of God, significant in a unique way. God sacrificed all he had, his means of expression and relation in order to restore his image in you. He uses the words ‘born again’ because he gave you an opportunity to start again and discover who you truly are by identifying your true identity as you follow the example of Christ. He was not inadequate in any moment and never ran out of ideas. In the worst of circumstances with the worst of people, he had the virtue of patience, tolerance and forgiveness in him. What could stop him and what could defeat Him? Even death could not stop him because even in death he was influencing his environment and changing destinies.

    He could come from one moment of feeding thousands, raising the dead, changing lives with the applause and worship of multitudes and lower himself to grab a towel and wash the dirty feet of His disciples. Why is it that he never felt as if he was lowering himself? He knew who he was, and his identity was not in where he was, who he was with nor what he was wearing.

    At the core of this ability in Jesus Christ to be relevant in all circumstances and bearing fruit in positive and negative environments was him knowing who he was. He could answer the first question of the ‘must pass exam’. Citing an example of Him being the most powerful being on earth and yet getting down to wash his disciples’ feet, scripture identifies this inner strength of character to knowing who he was. It records that,

    Jesus knew that the Father had put all things under his power, and that he had come from God and was returning to God; [John 13:3]

    a)       He knew who His Father was and what His Father thought about Him.
    Your identity is in knowing who your father is. The foundation of the Kingdom of God’s solution to dealing with all of mankind’s problems and restoring all things to order, perfection and beauty is in what the Lord Jesus called being ‘born again.’ I have described this as the awakening of the human soul to the fatherhood of God. In describing the secret to his successful life to someone who had envied his life he said,

    ‘Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God’(John 3: 3)

    In other words, he was saying you can only get the reins of control over life and be in charge to the degree that you identify yourself with God. This is the core of the gospel of the Kingdom and the secret to living a complete, fruitful and fulfilled life; coming to terms with your true identity: knowing who you are.

    b)      He knew he had come from God.
    You should know that you are God’s idea and you came for a specific and significant purpose. Many people without any biological problems are failing to have children because people do not come from sex but are born by original thought-God’s thought.   Being born again reconciles you to your true Father. You are supposed to know that you have come from God and you carry the very life of God.

    c)       He was returning to God
    If you have been born again and remain in the faith, be assured that if you leave this earth you are returning to God. With this in mind you can give your life to serve the living Lord at whatever cost. Dying in the field doing things that you desire most in honour and service to God is great gain. You can stop living for other people and being guided by other people’s opinions because you know where you are going.

    In the scope of building strong families, businesses or organisations, the issue of the original source of identities that endure all kinds of environments and realise unprecedented success is in principles of the kingdom of God. This is what is called spiritual law and natural law. A lot of books, seminars, audios have been produced to equip people on how to build successful families, businesses, enterprises or organisations. The ones that succeed over long periods are the ones that are built on the foundations of natural law.

    All development is meant to happen in the bounds of natural law? Any change that violates natural law will result in harm and it is this harm that will make businesses, families or organisations collapse. It is these natural laws that work with human conscience to prevent creation, products, services or institutions from disappearing into oblivion. When building businesses, families, organisations or enterprises it is important that at the core of the culture of any of these should be natural laws and principles. The answer to the question of identity should be in the bounds of natural law.

    If your life, family, business, enterprise or organisation cannot answer to the question of identity then it will never realise its full potential. To find the answers to the questions of identity which must be addressed to realise success, Coach Tarie Coaching and Consultancy (COTACC) is there to give you the necessary tools that help in realising who you truly are by original design and what your family, business, organisation or enterprise truly is in the bounds of natural law to realise full potential in ways that are sustainable.

    Look out for the answer to the second question that must be answered to realise real success in every aspect of life. What do you do?

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