• The Must Pass Exam for success!

    The examination that you have been failing many times.

    Separate men from their true identity and you kill them with frustration- Coach Tarie: The Wisdom Garden Volume 1

    Is what you are getting all there is in life? Or they could be more? Why is there so much  frustration in the air? Why is it that life seems to be losing meaning? Why is there so much work and yet mankind is not satisfied? Is there hope for a better future, a better Zimbabwe or a better Africa?

    I am sorry to tell you that these are the wrong questions to ask. We have gone to school and been receiving education in many different ways: formal, informal and non formal and we have set for different examinations and passed some and failed some yet still not fully satisfied? You could be thinking that if l had done well in that exam l could be better off but many have done well in that one but are still equally frustrated.

    There is one exam that we all need to pass. We can't pass it if we have not sat for it. All the chaos in the world and in your world is a result of three  question that we are failing to answer. There is an examination that we fail everyday and if you pass this exam your life will never be the same.

    The three questions of the examination of life that will unlock all the potential inside of you and set everything for fulfillment of potential are here.

    1. Who are you?
    2. What do you do?
    3. Who do you do it for?

    To be able to answer them you have to read the right book and learn from one person who passed the exam and brought a living hope to all creation.

    One writer talking about this man said,

    In him was life; and the life was the light of men. ( John 1:4)

    His life was the light of every man to show us who we really are and what life really is. He came to seek and to save that which was lost. I am not talking about religion here but the light that has to shine in your heart and chase away the darkness that is in your life so that together we can chase away the darkness that is in our families, Zimbabwe and our beloved mother Africa.

    In the next few days we will be learning more about how to answer these three questions so that we will set in motion many things that have been dead. Tomorrow l will start talking about  how and where we can learn to answer the first question. Who are you? I did not say what is your name? Wait for tomorrow's post!!

    We will go further to learn to be equipped to sit for the exam from the 26th -30th of October at Our Arise Africa Annual Conference ( AAAC). Let us prepare and come to a place where those with a heart for a better Africa are meeting.

    I love you so much and my heart cries for a successful and fulfilled you- Coach Tarie: Arise Africa Cause.

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