• One skill you cannot step into 2017 without.

    People are a very interesting specie, every one of them is unique and different. You will get the best out of them if you treat everyone of them as such and always expect to be amazed by them. Without their uniqueness, the world would be a boring place. Imagine if everyone was like you, thought like you, spoke like you, knew only what you know. You wouldn't be reading this inspirational because you didn't make that gadget or that application. How would it be? Boring of course.

    With this in mind always remember that it is the difference in people that makes this world exciting. The world is so colorful and filled with all the beauties because of what different people have brought into it. To get the best out of people, one skill is necessary yet very few are good at it. This is because school did not teach us to the extend that it is needed. We get the best out of people when we learn to listen.

    One first century writer said, "be slow to speak and quick to listen" and this is congruent to the wisdom of the master craftsman who gave two ears and one mouth to every person. This means that in intelligent conversations we are supposed to listen twice as much as we speak.

    Its the marketer who listens to the customer more who gets the business, than the one who who speaks more about their product or service. Its the husband who listens more to their spouse who enjoys their piece of the marriage cake than the one who speaks all the beauties to their spouse. Its the parent who listens more to their child's inner needs of security, significance and being loved that will be able to speak and be heard by the teenager who is learning to speak to be heard. Its the good listener who will  enjoy being around the amazing specie of humanity.

    We are the telegraphic generation who spends most of their time on the screens of cellphones, iPads, laptops and other gadgets. We are now more immersed in social media which is not social at all, as it is daily killing our social skills. Our children are poor in real life conversations and will not be able to master the master communication skill of listening to the amazing and life decorating personalities that we meet every day. You don't need many new people in your life to increase your satisfaction levels but you need to learn the art of listening to those around you already.

    How do we become better listeners? Good listeners are those who have the courage to be vulnerable enough to allow others to speak. This is possible only if we are secure enough to delay to express the little we have and allow others to give what they have. This is possible when one has a positive self esteem that is a direct product of self discovery. We can only discover out true self by a relationship with our maker through the means that he has chosen....His son Jesus Christ.

    As you step into the new year be deliberate to shape the kind of year you want by setting and pursuing the right goals and not wait for anything new that the new year will bring; it has nothing new. Make seeking a deep relationship with your true Father in heaven and choosing to listen to understand and not to answer one of your 2017 goals.
    To learn more about self discovery through a relationship with our Heavenly Father, the master skill of listening, getting the best out of the new season and setting goals: get in touch with Coach Tarie Coaching and Consultancy (COTACC) a member of the International Coaching and Mentoring Foundation (ICMF).

    At COTACC we don't just wish you a prosperous 2017 but are ready to show you how to have one.

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