• Start the new year by pressing the reset button.

    Restore to factory settings.

    On the last day of the year a friend of mine told me of a phone application that he was using on his phone that was performing good for him. On his recommendation l received the application from him and installed it on my phone. When l installed it, it replaced the application that was already in my phone. After not finding satisfaction in how it worked l thought of putting back the one that l had in the beginning and all the problems started as it could not install back and there l was, stuck not able to do anything. I was frustrated crossing over into the new year. It was towards the end of the first day that l went to a phone technician who told me to restore the phone to factory settings and try installing the application from the start. It worked and l was back on and running.

    As usual l woke up the this morning to have my morning devotional time but thus time trying to look into the new year ahead and plan for it. I began to ponder what l was supposed to be doing into the new year but thoughts of shortcomings and failures in the just ended year began to clog my mind. As l was beginning to disqualify myself to do much that would make a difference in the new year l began to use one of the greatest life coaching tools that l give my clients and people whom l serve: Smart Empowering Questions.

    Why does God entrust me with so great responsibilities? Is it because I am the best? If I am not the best then why? As l began to respond to the questions l didn't know that l was being restored to factory settings. The original settings according to how the Maker and Manufacture had made me. The maker had given me a responsibility to lead the No Limits Movement and was giving me responsibilities for the new year not be cause l was the best but because l was the best. It was not because l was the best as compared to other people but l was the best because of where l was cut from by original design. I was the best because l was created in his image and after his likeness. I was created with God abilities so l had to approach the new year and all my responsibilities from that understanding. It was when l remembered my cellphone experience and realised that l was being restored to my factory settings to approach the New Season differently.

    I began to understand that l qualified for all the tasks that were ahead of me as Paul the first century writer said,

    "Giving thanks to the Father who has qualified you to share in the saints' inheritance in the light" (Colossians 1: 12).

    He did not qualify us because of what we have done but he qualified us because of how we were originally created with the same capabilities as him and according to how the work of the cross brought us back into fellowship with him to be restored to factory settings as Adam originally was. The man who had the capacity to name all the animals in the world estimated to be in millions of species from his head. He had nowhere to record the names that were creatively coming from his head and he did not repeat any of them neither forgot any. What an interesting capacity we need to be restored to.

    As we start the year we need to begin to operate from this setting of the potential that we carry. Operating from the true source of our ability. Our responsibilities and expectations in the world that seem bigger than us are not as big as they seem if we handle them according to the potential that we carry. Start the new year by connecting to the source. Get to know who you truly are according to original design and not according to what your environment and experiences are trying to define you.

    The MIT according to what they have called Theory U calls this aspect of connecting with your factory settings (settings that you had when you left God's factory) presensing. It is bringing what you sense as the future best you in the present. When we read the end of the manufacturers manual (bible) we see a victorious end when the saints had taken possession of the kingdom and reigning in the 7 mountains of Influence of Politics, Arts, Media, Business, Education, Religion and Family.  The Revelator sees what the King was worthy to receive from the saints as a 7 fold reward from the 7 mountains. It was clear in the song of the angels who said, "

    Worthy is the lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory and blessing.... " (Revelations 5: 12).

    This picture shows us the future that is ready to manifest through us, so it can only be through going back to discovering our true identity that we can accomplish such.

    Begin the new year by going to look at what the manual from the factory says we are and we are created to do. This will determine how you are supposed to live and from the factory setting you are to begin living a life according to that design. This introduces our theme for 2017 which l have called INTENTIONAL LIVING AND WALKING TOWARDS YOUR WEALTHY PLACE. The Lord said that there is abundance of grace for intentional living in 2017.

    Our capacity is to the size of the needs of the world- Coach Tarie: The wisdom Garden (Volume 1)

    If you need a life coach to help you in how you can make the best out of 2017 in any area of your life contact us.

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