• Wisdom Quote # 2 - The Wisdom Garden (Volume 1)

    Wisdom Quote # 2- The Wisdom Garden (Volume 1)

    The greatest gift that we can give our children is the knowledge and philosophy of understanding that life is what is inside them and what comes from within. With a strong enough will and meekness they can find ways of drawing from what is inside to make a reality of their choice- Coach Tarie: Wisdom Garden.

    Several times, we as people find ourselves in situations and circumstances that we usually accept as reality. We have allowed what we see outside to be the ultimate reality. People who have enjoyed life are those who have chosen to take the lead.

    Starting with ourselves and passing on to the next generation we need to take a new perspective towards life by first discovering our capacities as human beings. We were created in the image of God and hence we have the creativity capacity that follows God. The greatest tool that we can use to exploit this capacity is the gift of imagination.

    Exposure to the word of God, which I have called the original script for humankind, shows us the true reality and it is our responsibility to adopt such as our reality. Starting with that as our reality, we can begin to relate to our Creator through Jesus Christ and learn from Him how we can begin to create a different reality for ourselves and a different experience for others around us. Scripture also shows us that there is unlimited potential inside every human being and we have to learn to shape our lives from it.

    He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of man and yet they cannot fathom what he has done from beginning to end. [Ecclesiastes 3: 11]

    The system of darkness is designed to break your spirit until you begin to shoot down everything that comes from you and accept what comes from outside as too big for you to influence. The Kingdom of God is here to rekindle the power inside you and help you develop the inner Kingdom Abundance mentality and security that capacitates you to create a better life for yourself and others.

    Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and is located in Dubai. Dubai has become one of the most beautiful places one can be on earth. A few decades ago, Dubai was not that beautiful. The place is originally a desert and not much would have been expected from such kind of places but people brought their inner worlds to the surface and transformed the place to be a destination of choice. Wikipedia explains this development to a boom in construction and architectural innovation in the Arab world. It is humankind choosing a reality and environment of choice. You can do the same for your life and the world you are creating for your children.

    “Our inner worlds reacts constantly and because we spend all our time simply reacting, we never experience our power”- John Kehoe

    ….Extract from the book “The Wisdom Garden” by Coach Tarie coming soon….

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