• Wisdom Quote # 4- The Wisdom Garden (Volume 1)

    Wisdom Quote # 4- The Wisdom Garden (Volume 1)

    What the mind can conceive the earth can mould and make a reality because whatever you see was once a thought which was later clothed by Mother Earth and her children - Coach Tarie: Wisdom Garden

    When God created mankind he made them in his image and made them to be like Him. One of the skills He has is creativity. Learning from Him, He created the earth first and would use his power to make everything from the earth he created. In like manner all worthwhile inventions are just thoughts that got material from the earth and were clothed from the earth.

    Think of the phone you are holding, it is earth and minerals that would have been useless until an idea came and added value to them. Look around and see how many ideas have taken material from the earth. Stop crying about bad economies, employment shortages, recession, cash crises and let your imagination and creativity work for you to come up with the next big idea. Your imagination is the greatest creative force that God gave humanity and we all have it.

    Whenever you want to take away someone's creativity and ability to come up with creative solutions, make them think that their destiny is in the hands of someone. Education and Religion, the kind that we have received, have managed to convince us to think that someone outside ourselves is totally in charge of our destinies. Someone is in charge of making our lives better, fixing our economy, providing employment, resuscitating our industries and we believe they will come up with the solutions and will work to make the ideas a reality: this is the thinking of the majority.

    Others think differently and have been taken by religion and are looking for a deity or God or anointed man of God to be the one who will determine their destiny. They pray for change and think prayer will do all the work and fail to remember that God has given them the power to create and is there to help and assist on what they can do. This is not that we are limiting the power of prayer but God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above that we may think or ask, according to the power that works in us. He will not do it for us. The continents who realised that, were architectures of their destinies and are now developed as they did not wait for miraculous interventions of prayer but used creativity and work to be where they are. Only Africa expects a better future without harnessing the creative power of its people.

    I have taken the lead in beginning to teach individuals and Organisations on how to develop this priceless skill of Creative thinking and we use many approaches and tools like, the 7 step Creative process, Divergent thinking, Smart Questions Approach, Neuro Linguistic programming, lateral thinking, six hats thinking and many other tools that suits your liking and personality. Coach Tarie Coaching and Consultancy (COTACC) in partnership with the Arise Africa Cause is determined to work and see the master skill of Creative Thinking together with many other skills thrive.

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