• Wisdom Quote # 5- The Wisdom Garden (Volume 1)

    Wisdom Quote # 5- The Wisdom Garden (Volume 1)

    Everyone is in motion to go somewhere and if the somewhere is not clear, they are ready to join someone who knows where he is going – Coach Tarie: The Wisdom Garden (Volume 1)

    We came from a major political turn in the nation of Zimbabwe in 2017. Many people took to the streets in protests for the former head of state to resign. I know for a fact that not many knew what was at stake. Many were following the few who really knew what was happening. There was a general sudden turn that brought hope to many Zimbabweans. However, it is the people who were clear about what they wanted out of the changes in the political environment who had real opportunities for better lives. The rest of the people are now waiting to join the chariots of those who will begin to do something else. Do not be one of them. Set on your journey with clarity of purpose.

    Have you ever listened to advise that young girls get about marriage? “When you are looking for someone to marry look for someone that has direction”. This means that look for someone who knows where they are going in their life.  Why are most people frustrated in their marriages, in most cases women? Our culture from the onset discriminated women in terms of educating and empowering them. This in the end made most young girls not to focus on who they can become and wait for marriage to define them. The end is frustration.  It is however important to first be clear about who you are and where you want to go lest you will have to bear the frustration when you find yourself joining someone who might also be struggling with direction. Clarity of purposes gives one better vision for intelligent decision making.

    The same happens in the quest for employment or the educational and career development path one follows. Most people have not managed to get guidance when they are choosing paths to take in terms of the development of their education and they just follow the educational paths that their friends have taken. Why did you choose to study that certificate, diploma or degree if you had to choose, otherwise you followed where others were going? If it was so you might end up frustrated in life.

    In a study carried over 20 years in one of the big Universities in America, 1000 students were taught how to make life plans for their lives. After finishing the college degrees, they were studying only 3% stepped into life with life plans and the rest didn’t. The study tracked the graduates 20 years later and looking at their lives the results were alarming. Looking at their Net worth, they discovered that the 3% who had life plans, joined together had amassed more wealth than what the rest of the 97% had altogether. In one way or the other we may say that the 3% knew where they were going in life and the 97% joined others who knew where they were going.

    Do you know where you are going in your life. Clarity of purpose is the fundamental principle of happiness and success in life, careers, health and relationships. Are you clear about where you are going or you are just following the masses? If you need any help on choosing your career, life partner or in making your life plan or getting your life back on track get in touch with Coach Tarie Coaching and Consultancy today.

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