• Wisdom Quote # 3- The Wisdom Garden (Volume 1)

    Wisdom Quote # 3- The Wisdom Garden (Volume 1)

    The system of this world is designed to exploit those who come to it with desperation to draw something from it but cannot stand those who come to it searching for opportunities to give - Coach Tarie

    Most people approach different arenas in life searching for opportunities to get the most they can get. I have noticed that this approach increases risks of exploitation or loss of precious resources. Many are frustrated as they approach life this way and always find themselves feeling shortchanged and needing more.

    Businesses fail to thrive when started from the search for money. Great businesses succeed when started from identified needs to be met. Marriages are failing as men look for what they can get out of women. They are driven by lustful desires for sex and it explains why sex is selling more than most things. It is however so sad how many have been enslaved by this pursuit of sex. Marriages are ripped apart, children left to suffer, immorality increasing as the lust and craving for sex is ever increasing.

    The same is on the other end as women are looking for what they can get from the men and it is usually the material resources. Many end up being exploited and not enjoying the wealth and resources that they will be pursuing. Things will be different if people would look at what they have to put on the table of marriage and get in with a motivation to give away the best of themselves.
    The same applies in people’s pursuit of employment. If you seek employment with a focus on the monetary return, you will be exploited. People who are desperate for money are made to work in the most appalling working conditions. People who have exceptional abilities and skills to give away, and approach the working environment with what they have to give, are usually difficult to replace and are usually rewarded with the best of working conditions and live fulfilled lives.

    The same is true in all facets of life. The world will never forget politicians who found themselves in office because they had a lot on their plate to give for the betterment of humanity whilst those who pursued political offices for material gain where manipulated by the system and many sold their souls and birthrights and in the long run became everyone’s enemies.
    Whenever you feel exploited and abused, flip the coin and start to look for ways in which you can begin to add value. Put little focus on the value you want to receive and more on the value you can add. Freedom will come to you with the more value you will be adding.

    'It is more blessed to give than to receive.' [Acts 20:35]

    In other words, the Lord was saying, Life is more meaningful when you are giving than when you are receiving.

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