Why most people fail to realize their New Year Resolutions or Maximize their potential.

    As people start the new year they have been socialized into a post great depression culture of setting new resolutions. A New Year's resolution is a tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their life.

    We are at the end of the third month and most people have already lost the excitement and motivation they had when the year began a couple of weeks ago. Some do not even get to set new year resolutions because they have failed to see them through and given up on the idea. What are some of the reasons why we mostly fail to realize goals we set for ourselves and new year resolutions mainly.

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    6. Not enough motivation because of mediocre environment 

    One of the major reasons why many people fail to realize their resolutions or maximize potential is in the fact that the world has a place for failures and most of them have default reasons to blame for their lack of success. In the book, The Millionaire Next Door, a young man went to a successful and established man to ask how he had become that successful. The old man responded by asking the young man to write all the reasons why he was not rich already. The young man wrote a long list. The old man told the young man that it was because of the many reasons why he was not succeeding. If you have many reasons to justify your failures and shortcomings you will not succeed. If you stop having excuses and realize that no one else is responsible to make you realize your resolutions, then you have gotten the grip for success.

    Some people will not succeed because they do not have strong enough reasons why they have to succeed. This is because they have a comfort zone of other people around them without much success. Behavioral Psychology says that there are two primary motivators of success and these are the fear of pain and the pursuit for pleasure. Most of our actions are motivated by these two forces. Most people are driven by the fear of pain and hence have motivation to avoid the pain and start working towards their goals but this motivation will not be enough once the person escapes the pain. The major motivation would be finding enough other reasons that go with our inner values why we must succeed. What will happen if you don’t succeed? If your answer is nothing, then you do not have enough fuel to take you through especially when you meet challenges and obstacles on your way.

    7. Lack of informed Planning 
    I have always said that one of the capacities that identifies human beings with God is the capacity to plan. Planning is simply giving purpose to time. After setting goals and resolutions most people end there. Some as earlier said will wait for the new year to bring the changes or expect the prophetic declarations to work the magic. This usually does not end as desired. After setting goals it is important as described before to generate motivation through imagination and visualization. After dreaming and visualization we make plans for the dreams to be realized.

    The planning process has been tabled into a tool and the steps to maximizing potential and realizing resolutions as the following.

    a. Know what you want
    All success begins with clarity of purpose or knowing exactly what you want. When the goal is hazy and not clear it is difficult to keep the focus. One is supposed to have goals that are clear and can be written in short phrases. I always say that if what you want cannot be described in one sentence then you are not sure of what you want and it will be difficult to follow.

    b. Visualize
    The greatest creative capacity that gives flesh to what we want is imagination. Created in godlikeness the human being has the creative capacity of clothing their ideas so that they can become so real through imagination. What you want has to become so real in your imagination before it can manifest in the physical. The Creator created in his imagination everything unto completion in the first chapter of Genesis then gave substance and physical embodiment to creation in the second chapter. We are created with the same capacities and have to learn to visualize and use our imagination to maximize our potential. Some have called this the law of double creation. Stating that everything worthwhile is created twice, first in the imagination then in the natural.

    c. Plan
    Planning has been identified by some as the management of the distance between conception and destination or giving meaning to unused time motivated by a clear sense of purpose.
    The greatest demonstration of faith for the realization of our dreams is planning. We need to have clear plans on how we will move from where we are to where we want to be. It is better to change plans that are not working than not to have plans at all.

    But the noble man makes noble plans, and by noble deeds he stands. [Isa 32:8]

    d. Schedule
    In addition to plans there is need to scheduling our plans into sizable tasks. We need to assign time to specific identified tasks of the plan. Success is just a collection of finished tasks completed in time lines that fit in the total available time where the efforts can be relevant to the realization of goals. No matter how far one may be to their destination, scheduling tasks and completing them will keep high energy levels on one’s journey whenever they make positive steps to their destiny. This is the priceless value of planning and scheduling. Following to this planning process is the key ingredient of action that takes us to the next reason for many people failing to realize their resolutions.

    8. Lack of Action and Actually Starting
    It is clear to most people that action is important to the realization of their dreams but the majority of people have their resolutions but fail to start. The reason why many fail to take action is because they want everything to be clear and in place to start. One has since said that a vision that cannot start today will not materialize.

    Brian Tracy in one of his audio coaching programs talks of what he calls the “corridor principle”. He says that, in a 13-year study at Bartson College researches conducted follow up interviews with graduates of the School of Entrepreneurship to find out why some started their businesses and succeeded and some did nothing with their education.

    In almost every case, they found out that every successful entrepreneur had only one quality that was different from the others and it was the quality of LAUNCHING THEIR BUSINESSES WITHOUT ANY GUARANTEE OF SUCCESS.

    Those who failed on the other hand were waiting for things to be just right to start their own businesses and of course things were never just right. If you wait for things to be just right, you will wait forever. Every successful entrepreneur that launched a successful business began moving along what is called a corridor and as they moved along the corridor, doors opened up on both sides of the corridor that led them to new opportunities and possibilities.

    What they discovered was that if the entrepreneurs had not made forward motion towards their goals they would not have seen the other doors and opportunities opening up on either side. In most cases their business success came in fields and with products or services that were totally different from the ones they started with.  The way to go is to do your homework, make your plans and then launch in the direction of your resolutions or goals and everything else will take care of itself.

    The sequence of those who succeed is READY, SHOOT, AIM instead of READY, AIM and SHOOT. It is better to prepare and shoot then if you miss you make adjustments than to wait for the moment when to wait for everything to be perfect before shooting because it never will.

    The richest person ever to live in the ancient world said,

     “Loafers say, "It's dangerous out there! Tigers are prowling the streets!" and then pull the covers back over their heads”. [Proverbs 26:13] (THE MESSAGE BIBLE)

    He who observes the wind [and waits for all conditions to be favorable] will not sow, and he who regards the clouds will not reap. [Ecclesiastes 11:4] (AMPLIFIED BIBLE).

    9. Failure to deal with failure

    People are afraid to fail because they allow failure to define them but failure is not failure if you take it as a learning process and draw lessons from it and take the price you pay as school fees; it becomes a jewel on your road to success- Coach Tarie: (The Wisdom Garden Volume 1)

    Many people embark on a journey to pursue their dreams with great zeal and the challenge comes when they meet challenges or things do not go as originally desired. Most people have not been trained how to deal with failure. Failure is not embraced by many but the real truth is that failure is usually a key component of success to those who make it in life. Many people quit or are totally devastated after failing and end up losing the motivation to continue with pursuing their resolutions.

    In the book that l am writing, ‘Skill factor’, I teach about the ‘art of failure’ as a life skill that we were not taught in school but necessary for success. Society has not taught us to accept failure yet being able to accept and embrace it is a key ingredient to success. In an American study carried on self-made millionaires, they discovered that all of the self-made millionaires had been involved in an average of 18 other business before they got in the ones that made them millionaires. Going for at least 18 different businesses is a sign that they were able to pick themselves up after failure and never allowed failure to stop them pursuing their dreams.

    No matter how many times you trip them up, God-loyal people don't stay down long; Soon they're up on their feet, while the wicked end up flat on their faces. [Proverbs 24:16] (THE MESSAGE BIBLE)

    Read more about the Art of Failure on, http://www.coachtarie.com/2016/05/skill-factor-3-what-school-did-not.html.

    10. Lack of Necessary life skills 

    Most people fail to realize their resolutions because they lag behind in terms of skill upgrade. The rate at which the world is evolving is way faster than the rate at which people are evolving to cope. This is because the major institutions that develop people are changing at a very slow rate. Looking at institutions like education, church, family, governments or local authorities, there is minimum investment to improve on quality. The corporate world and capitalist idea of profit is leading all change. When it comes to individual development the system has not fostered a culture of personal development. Most personal development has been motivated by the capitalistic education system to be employable. People generally do not think of personal development other than improving employability therefore when it comes to the necessary skills for individual success in all aspects of life people lack the most important skills required for success.

    Research over the last 100 years show that 85% of the most successful people across the globe have one thing in common. They are all goal setters and goal chasers. These kind of skills are not taught in school and in the average home. Employers look for skills like Communication, Team work, Negotiation and Persuasion, Leadership and some others. These are not directly imparted in upbringing therefore many lack these kind of skills not just for employment as they are relevant for success in families, personal business projects, entrepreneurship exploits and other facets of life also. Without these, many fail to realize their resolutions and maximize their potential. This is the gap that life coaching covers and I encourage you to have your own life coach.

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