• The First Ballot Paper Without the Face of Mugabe or Tsvangirai: What it means for your life?

    The First Ballot Paper Without the Face of Mugabe or Tsvangirai: What it means for your life?

    A question that everyone who is looking forward to the Zimbabwean Elections, the first election with ballot papers without the faces of Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai is, “How will the election outcome improve my life and well-being”. The outcome and the post-election period may be good for News and Media houses with figures of investment coming to the nation. How much impact does this have on your individual life? How prepared are you for the outcome?

    If your hope is employment, there might be hope for better opportunities, but be prepared for a long wait. The changes will not be imminent and also be sure that with the current rate of unemployment, the demand will be very high and opportunities will favour the prepared. Employment will not be created at a rate faster than the rate at which the need for employment is growing. It is not only those currently in Zimbabwe who will be looking forward to the opportunities but Hundreds of Thousands in neighbouring countries and overseas who are sacrificing a lot to be there would be willing to work closer to home. Are you competitive for such a scenario?

    If its business opportunities that you are looking forward to, then an increase in foreign investment will imply bigger business competition. There will be increased competition from big established Multinational and Transnational Companies who might push many of the small and medium enterprises out of business. Do not be caught by surprise with the change that we are all looking forward to. If you are in business then building your competence and lowering the cost of production, acquisition of raw materials or stock should be your priority now.

    Do you have to wait for the outcome to start mapping your way? The Old Hebraic King spoke wisdom that applies to the fast approaching dispensation and time. He who observes the wind [and waits for all conditions to be favourable] will not sow, and he who regards the clouds will not reap. [Ecclesiastes 11:4] (AMPLIFIED BIBLE). You have to start preparing now and be positioning yourself for whatever outcome. What do you spend most of your time thinking in this time? Below is a study that looks at how successful people and failures are separated by what they think about most of the time.

    In a study carried at the Pennsylvania University, 350 000 business people and entrepreneurs were interviewed in a period of 22 years. One of the questions that they were asked was what they would usually be think about most of the time.  The top 10% said most of the time they would be thinking about what they wanted and how they could get it. Surprisingly the bottom 80% were thinking about what they didn’t want and who was to blame. At the end of the study the Pareto principle still came true in the study, the top 20% had more wealth than the bottom 80% put together.

    A question then comes as we look towards the elections, what do you think about the most in relation to the situation on the ground and the future prospects. Is it what you want and what you can be doing to get it or it is about what you don’t want and what will happen if the candidate you don’t want wins. What then should you be doing in such a season. You cannot plan strategically because you are not certain of the outcome.

    My recommendation is for you to apply what has become popular in executive coaching field as Scenario Planning. It is a form of planning that anticipates the future and possible scenarios it could bring and makes plans for all the possible scenarios. This kind of planning will work for you, your family, business, organisation, church, policy makers and even investors. If you don’t do this, if the outcome that you do not want comes, you will need some time to pick yourself up. Some never will like many who never picked themselves up from previous elections and are still spending most of their time thinking about what they do not want and who is to blame.

    Scenario planning would mean taking into consideration the three or more possible scenarios. The first would be a Zanu PF win, the second would be an MDC T Alliance win. The third would be a win for any of the dark horses of the less popular parties and the final scenario would be a stalemate that could mean a Unity Government. What would any of the scenarios mean to you? You can look at each and map the best way you can take responsible action to get the best of either.

    This kind of thinking and planning and preparing your psyche and everything around will make you so broad in your scope and will enable you to adapt easily. The rate at which things can change in ways we never thought of is now so high in the world we now live in and it is the versatile who can make the most of these changes. Scenario thinking releases your creativity juices, makes you versatile and puts you a step ahead of the majority in adapting to change. It is those who have mastered skills that capacitate them for change management and scenario planning that get the best of the fast changing world.

    Coach Tarie Coaching and Consultancy (COTACC) is there to help you prepare for getting the best out of the Post-Election Zimbabwe era by cutting edge Scenario Planning and Change Management tools that will help you, your family, church, business, organisation, government ministry or department, constituency or estate on how best to position yourself for any of the possible outcomes of the Zimbabwean Elections.

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