• The Deliverance That Everyone Needs for The Purpose Driven Life (PDL): Insights Part (12)

    Why Many Fail To Fulfil Their Purposes After Discovering Them

    Our inner world reacts constantly and because we spend all our time simply reacting, we never experience our power. Ironically you begin creating your own reality the minute you cease constantly to react to the so called reality - [John Kehoe: Mind Power]

    Many people fail to fulfil their purpose because they are not free. What is freedom. Freedom is being exempted from external influence. It is permission to work and fulfil your potential. When man was created he was given freedom to manifest his potential in exercising dominion over the earth as its manager for the sake of others and the universe at large. Rebellion against God made people lose this freedom, finding themselves with a lot of limitations to be themselves and do what they were capacitated to do.

    Every one of us finds themselves under certain levels of oppression whereby we are not in control of our lives and limited in one way or the other to do what we would think would be the highest expression of ourselves and our values. What we need is this exemption from external influence called freedom.

    To fulfil our purposes, we are always left in search of freedom in different dimensions. Some of the dimensions where we need freedom for a fruitful PDL walk include:

    i.                     Freedom to be you. This is the freedom to be the you that you were created to be by original design. Many factors that will be discussed later try to force you to esteem other identities that are not you because you think the original ‘you’ is not good enough.

    ii.                   Freedom from the environment that wants to mold you and define you. The first century writer as earlier quoted in the previous insights speaks about this form of freedom saying, "And do not be conformed to this world [any longer with its superficial values and customs], but be transformed and progressively changed [as you mature spiritually] by the renewing of your mind [focusing on godly values and ethical attitudes], so that you may prove [for yourselves] what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect [in His plan and purpose for you]." [Romans 12:2]. A world system is composed of standards, values, expectations and a way of response to what happens to you. One needs freedom from these components of the system as long as they limit you.

    iii.                 Freedom from the immediate that stops us from pursuing the ultimate and important. As shall be discussed in detail later, there are immediate voices that are calling for our attention. Some have to be genuinely addressed but others can be ignored. As described by one who came up with what has been known as the priority quadrant, they are things that are urgent and not important that end up robbing us of pursuing what is not urgent but very important in our PDL walk.

    iv.                 Freedom from sin and sin consciousness. Most of the uninformed religion has enslaved people instead of liberating them as it has always been raising a sin conscious generation instead of a God conscious and Kingdom Conscious purpose driven one. This sin consciousness, disqualifies, incapacitates and cripple people from pursuing their purposes.

    v.                   Freedom from fear. Fear seize initiative and creativity from us.

    vi.                 Freedom from the curse of ownership whereby we are in a rat race to own what in the end will destroy us. The materialism that is driven by a pursuit for possession of things above making a difference.

    vii.               Freedom from the demands, expectations and pleasing people who cannot be pleased.

    All the above mentioned factors leave us under some form of oppression. Being under the control of a cruel slave master in the form of the above factors from which we are searching freedom from has a lot of negative effects on us that cripple us to be fruitful in the PDL walk. Oppression destroys our self-worth and sense of self. It also dissolves a sense of meaning to life and creates a negative attitude towards work and commitment. This is sometimes as a result of all the efforts of the past that were unduly rewarded.

    All these create self-doubt that creates crippling self-hatred, inferiority complexes and fear. The negative perceptions put us in a cycle of failure and blocked desires which will result in antisocial manifestations of anger, bitterness, violence that results in dysfunctional relationships and the list goes on.

    It is on this background that I have come to the conclusion that as individuals on the pursuit of a full PDL we need freedom to be able to reach our destinies and fulfil our potential. We need to realize that being removed from the oppressor is not freedom but a foundation of freedom. Most people have been delivered from oppressive people, relationships, families, organizations and environments but never got freedom to be fruitful.

    Nations got the so called independence but became even worse because they never got freedom. Deliverance is not freedom but a foundation for freedom. Freedom is when oppression is removed from your mind, thoughts, actions and lifestyles. It is when one is transformed and oppression mentality is taken from them through a new form of education and empowerment. It is in when the blinding of oppression is removed and a new vision of possibilities is seen. This information will come in insights that are ahead that are meant to empower you for Purpose Driven Living.

    Freedom is realized when one is exposed to a greater light. Light is not that which we only see with our physical eyes but as the 1st century world changer defined it,

    Light is that which makes manifest (Ephesians 5: 14). 

    The greatest leader of all time put it in other words and said,

    you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. (John 8: 32). 

    There are 3 properties of light that shows how truth transforms us to be free to be ourselves and manifest our fullest potential for the glory of the maker.

    a.   Light reveals itself.
    Whenever light appears you see it clearly. You will be able to identify what you desperately needed but didn’t have. You will know truth from error, the important from trivia. This light comes from biblical insights, from great mentors and models who reveal the PDL lived with understanding and wisdom. There are many role models who reveal what the full PDL is like that when you are exposed to, you see the PDL so clearly and are inspired to pursue it.

    b.   Light reveals the beholder.
    You begin to see yourself clearly when you are beamed by the truth. You can know who you truly are and be freed from being like others and trying to please and live for people. You will have an answer to the question: WHO AM I? When you are in this light from the word of God, relevant literature, perfect models and examples you begin to see yourself clearly.

    Our space is filled with some forms of ‘lights’ that suppress others to realize their purposes. They are lights of the oppressed who need freedom because they cannot give room for others to fulfill their purposes. This is explained in words from one of my projects in the making, The Wisdom Garden where I say,

    Its only in the presence of small lights that you can only see the light and not see yourself. Its only small lights that reveal themselves and not reveal any other thing around. Coach Tarie- The Wisdom Garden

    If in your light it is only you who is seen, then you are a small light. Whether you are in any form of leadership, be it Politics, Church, Family, Business, Media or any other space. Sorry.

    c.    Light reveals other things.
    Under the true light we begin to see what is around. We are surrounded with so much resources and opportunities that are only visible under the light of truth from the word of God, relevant literature, perfect models and mentors.

    When the light is the true light who is Love then freedom happens faster. Nothing liberates us and reinforces our self-concept, esteem and confidence than being exposed to true unconditional love. When we receive the Father’s love for us demonstrated more on the cross, we realize our true value by looking at what God was willing to part with to be reconciled to us, then we can begin to see ourselves as he sees us.

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