As earlier said, the PDL is a life that brings together 3 clusters of:
    1. your passion/ desires
    2. your gifts, skills, talents and abilities
    3. your values

    The first cluster that we will look at today is the passion/ desires cluster. What are you passionate about? The story below shows how what we are passionate about is at the core of our purposes.  

    A certain young man was taken from his poor slave family and taken as an adopted son to one of the princesses in the land. He was raised in the palace as one of the princes. Even though he grew in the palace he never lost connection of who he truly was. One day when he returned to his old slave people, he saw one of his people being ill-treated by one of the slave masters. This moved him and he killed the oppressor to save his fellow.

    One of the days as he got back to his slave people he saw two of his fellow people fighting and tried to reconcile them. The people not recognising that he was one of them and being aware of the man he had killed, threatened to report to the king about his murder case. With fear of what he had done, he fled to another country.

    Decades later after discovering his purpose, he was in charge of the same things that he had been passionate about from his earlier years.
    His purpose was to deliver his people from slavery and be their judge over all their issues. These are the things that he had tried to do but fled because of fear.   You might have guessed who this man in the story is. It is the biblical Moses who lived a PDL. It was built around the passion that he had over his fellow Hebrews.

    What is your passion? Here we are talking about something that is beyond your life and family. A passion of things that have to do with making a difference in the lives of others or solving other people's problems. The following questions will help get insight on your convictions, passions or internal desires.

    1. Whose cry comes to your ears?

    2. If you were to be given all the sovereign authority and be God for a few minutes what one problem would you solve for others?

    3. If you had all the money in the world and did not need to work for money, what work would you chose to do every day for no pay?

    I have taken time to compile my own answers to the above questions that can help you get an idea of what we are talking about.
    1.       Whose cry comes to my ears?

    The cry of African people who are struggling or frustrated with life, anyone who is trying to find meaning in life, anyone who is trapped and not sure of how to move from where they are to where they want to be. Anyone whom l think is wasting potential and seeing no hope in life or anyone who blames anything outside their life for their situations whether financially, emotionally, career wise, in church or community in relationships, family or marriage. Their cry comes so loud in my ears.

    2.       If I were to be given all the sovereign authority and be God for a few minutes what one problem would I solve for others?

    I would reengineer the minds of our African People to think in ways aligned to the Kingdom of God as this would deal with all the African Problems. I believe African are more a product of our thinking and attitudes than anything.

    3.       If I had all the money in the world and did not need to work for money, what work would I chose to do every day for no pay?

    I would daily be talking and engaging people to talk, discuss, encourage, enlighten and empowering them on the best ways possible to maximise their potential. I don't mind teaching, discussion and sharing Kingdom wisdom all day long.

    Take time to pray and meditate on these questions. Write your answers down daily for the whole week. Reflect on how you begin to see yourself as someone who can be so valuable. Let's continue the PDL walk together.

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