In the last discussion we talked about the second cluster of what our purposes are built on. We discussed about the gifts cluster after earlier on we had talked about the passion/ desires cluster.

    This time we are moving on to the final cluster that helps us understand ourselves and how we are wired for a PDL. It is the cluster of our values. Values are the inner motivations that are wired inside us to act as a compass to regulate our passions and gifts.

    We have desires, passions and gifts that seek expression. We have needs that call for our attention. These can motivate us, but will not bring personal inner peace and fulfilment in the long run. It is the values that are in us that separates us from every other person. We are happy, at peace and so fulfilled when we strike the right code: the code of our values.

    Our values are made up of what we believe and what we hold dear. We desire to live congruent with these values and every time we are not, there is frustration. Let us take a parent who values giving a good life to their child. This value will motivate them to work and provide. Whenever they fail to provide the best that they believe they have to, frustration will rise. The most frustrated people in life are those who fail to live to the fulfilment of their values. When you are living a life that is in tune with your values, you often find that you are in harmony with the world around you.

    As said in earlier insights, the greatest inner battles that happen inside us are battles between the meeting of inner needs and physical needs and being in tune with our values. Most of the time all our preoccupation is in seeking the material things and we don't find time for the things that are important to us. The system of the world is designed to give us external values as it gives us 'wants' that we think we cannot live without and we fail to give quality time to the things and people that we value.  

    Some of your values can be, being compassionate, leading and inspiring others, creating joy, being the best you can be, making a contribution to the world, leaving a legacy, providing for the needy….. etc. You know the right words that define your values.

    When we lose a loved one, most of our pains come from thinking about how much we could have done with them and for them. These are our true values. If you can identify your values, you will be able to prioritise and plan on how you can set aside enough time for these values which will in turn increase the value of your life to the world around you.
    Your values and enough time invested in them makes your life more valuable and increases your inner sense of worth and hence your self-esteem. Increased self-esteem helps you to be sweet and capacitate you to be fruitful in relationships and all other spheres of life.
    Fruitfulness is the best that we can do with our lives, the best that we can give to our children, spouses, friends, families, community, business, environment, country and continent.  
    This kind of fruitfulness is not measured in any way but the difference we can make in the lives of those around. This cannot be realised in any way but through PURPOSE DRIVEN LIVING. A life lived to fully express our inner values and convictions in the best passionate way possible and capacitating us to the full utilisation of our gifts, skills, talents and abilities.

    A lot can be said about the importance of identifying your values in the PDL path. How can we identify these values that are unique to you? Prayerfully and meditatively reflecting on the following questions with a meekness to the Holy Spirit will help you.

    1a.       What people, places and things are most important to you in life right now?

    b.   If you had only 6 months to live, what would you spend this measured quality time doing. Who would you spend most of this time with? What broken relationship would you decide to mend? Whose forgiveness would you seek most? Who would you be desperate to reward or spoil? What would you want to teach others so that they would continue doing after you are gone (the legacy that you would want to be remembered for)? Who would you be willing to invest and empower, so that they can learn the most from you?

    3.       If you were to write your own Obituary (speech of an account of how you lived your life) to be read on your funeral, what would you want everyone to hear?

    4.       Who all would you want to be at your funeral and what would you want your spouse, family, friends, workmates, fellow church mates, community and all the important people say on your funeral?

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