• The Easier Way That Takes Us Away From The Purpose Driven Life: PDL Insights (Part 14)

    Why Many Fail to Fulfill Their Purposes After Discovering Them

    In the last two articles we have begun discussing, Why Many Fail to Fulfill Their Purposes After Discovering Them and we are continuing on that subject. Sometimes people have an idea of what their purposes are. They have a consciousness of what is consistent with their convictions and consciences. In close connection to contradictions, another major reason why people fail to reach their potential and maybe fail to live full PURPOSE DRIVEN LIVES is a battle between what is convenient and what our consciences tell us.

    One has described our consciences as the voice of our inner person (our spirit). It is through the conscience that we know the values the expression of which would bring the greatest joy and fulfillment. Why then do we not pursue to express these inner values and live harmonious and fulfilling lives. Why are many people so frustrated? We compromise on following our consciences to do what is convenient. Convenience has taken so much potential to the grave.

    Doing what is convenient means doing that which will afford one to be accepted, accommodated and allowing one to fit in. It is doing something that has the least resistance and asking the least effort from us. Doing something that does not challenge the status quo. When the voice of purpose is speaking in us, it will call us to lift our heads above everyone around but the system of this world seems to knock down anyone who lifts their head.

    Many have been derailed from their purposes by following the path of least resistance. Is what you are doing all that you believed you could do? In one of my books l have said,

    When you were young you believed you could do everything and as you were growing up you now believed you could do so much and now you believe you can do nothing. The system of the world pushed you to drop what you felt you had to pursue – Coach Tarie: The Wisdom Garden

    After getting your Ordinary level results, did you follow the path that you wanted or you took a path that your results where pointing you to. Many took a course that they could qualify for not what they wanted.

    I am inspired by the story of this lady who wanted to be a doctor and failed O Level Mathematics at the first sitting. Instead of proceeding with what she had passed, she waited and sat again for mathematics and passed on her second attempt. Taking Advanced Level Sciences, she did not get enough points for straight qualification into medicine at the University of Zimbabwe and had to go the way of a Bachelor of Science Degree.

    After succeeding in the first two years, she applied to be accepted in the school of Medicine with her good grades in the two years in the Bachelor of Science degree and was admitted. In her second year of studying Medicine she got pregnant and had to continue after raising a child for One and half years. She finally succeeded and qualified to be a doctor. She is now a senior practicing doctor after following her convictions and values. Would you have done the same or you would have followed a path where there was minimum resistance. This is an example of someone who followed conscience instead of convenience.

    Many follow the path that is convenient and divert from their purposes when they follow to meet their immediate needs in whatever way, even if it is against their values. They pursue a path that seems to give them better chances to go by in life. In life there are careers, jobs, businesses or projects that are said to be better paying or rewarding and some that look so prestigious and give people status in life. In a world which has become so materialistic many would go for the opportunity that pays more money ahead of the one that would give them the greatest fulfillment. They become mediocre in the opportunity that pays well when they could be excellent and rise to the top in what they get more fulfillment. It is the fulfillment that we get when we follow our values and conscience that builds our self-esteem and gives us energy to endure and rise to the top and probably earn more than we ever imagined but we usually follow what is easy and what seems to give us more security.

    The war between convenience and conscience is also seen in what behavioral scientists have discovered about human behavior. People naturally do what is easier to do. They follow the easier way out. Secondly people always seek to get the most out of the least input. Also in the same line of thought people are always desiring to improve their lives in ways that they think are the best to achieve that. Someone who commits suicide sees that step as the better option for their lives.

    The fact that we look for the easier, faster, more profitable and most improving way out is not bad. The challenge is that we seek this according to our own point of view which sometimes is not an accurate point of view. If we are seeking the faster, easier, more profitable way guided by our values and purposes we come up with creative means of doing so which pushes us to the fulfillment of our purposes faster but if it is not informed by our values and purposes we will move away from the PDL path faster. The Lord Jesus spoke about this battle of compromise in the PDL walk saying,

    What kind of deal is it to get everything you want but lose yourself? What could you ever trade your soul for? [Matthew 16:26 THE MESSAGE Bible]

    Most success teachings show that many people fail to succeed in various endeavours because they fail to delay gratification. We usually want to enjoy the fruits earlier than prescribed. The Purpose Driven Life path is one that has a process that incorporates gifts skills and talents to character. The development of character is usually in prioritising what is important and necessary.  Many fail in school because they choose to sleep, play and watch TV more than they study because that is convenient. It is those who delay gratification who succeed.

    There is an Old English saying which says, ‘Life Begins at 40’. I have tried to understand what this statement means and figured out that, generally by the time someone reaches the age of 40, this is usually the time when one begins to receive the fruits of decisions made in the earlier stages of life. After 40 people begin to suffer from the dietary decisions on what one has been eating. At 40 people realise whether the career path they have taken is best for them or not. Those who have been disciplined enough and made the right decisions choosing conscience ahead of convenience will be enjoying the fruits.

    The last area to look at how convenience derails us from the PDL path is on the issue of fitting in. As earlier said, the environment we live in does not allow uniqueness to thrive. He who wants to stand out is struck down to fit in. The world system wants you to take on its values, standards and way of response while meeting its expectations. The education system we use was designed to kill uniqueness and mould you into a model that bests work and be productive for the goals of those who designed it. Society has norms about when and to whom you should get married to. It is when you are not courageous enough that you suppress your values to be accepted.

    I always joke and say most people do not get married to someone who they want to get married to but they get married to who family, friends and society would accept. The same is true for the career paths we take. Doing this is the convenient thing as most of us are afraid to stand and defend our choices of what we really want. Your purpose is in your uniqueness. It is what differentiates you to others that gives you the edge to fulfill your purpose, but pursuing this is not easy and convenient. Vision, focus and self-discipline are virtues needed in the PDL. Those who can follow their consciences ahead of convictions fulfill the PDL.

    The system of this world is designed to produce failures and the virtue to escape it is discipline – Coach Tarie: The Wisdom Garden.

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