• The Power That You Might Not Be Using: Purpose Driven Life (PDL) Insights (Part 17)

    The Power That You Might Not Be Using: Purpose Driven Life (PDL) Insights (Part 17)

    The Purpose Driven Life is something that takes a lot of resolve and determination. Even though it is something that works around what is already in us, maximising on our strengths, gifts, passions and what we love and enjoy doing and the environment we live is naturally not conducive to nurture uniqueness. The environment is designed to knock and discourage anyone who wants to stand out in their uniqueness. It takes a lot of inner strength to walk out from a crowd and live a life that no one has lived. Even though our PDL paths have so much to learn from others, at the end of the day they are unique and need us to be driven more from inside than outside.

    This introduces an important aspect necessary to success in any area of life. It is called Personal Power. There is so much that we can get from our environment, from learning, training, mentors, coaches and even God but all this can only be put to effectiveness according to our personal power. Several times because we are not aware of the power we carry and the part that it plays in shaping our future we don’t use this power. John Kehoe in His book, ‘Mind Power’, posits that,

    ‘Our inner world reacts constantly and because we spend all our time simply reacting, we never experience our power. Ironically you begin creating your own reality the minute you cease constantly to react to the so called reality.’

    The Purpose Driven Life (PDL) needs you to be constantly aware of your personal power and constantly putting it to use. The issue of personal power encompasses many aspects and cannot be comprehensively discussed but I will pick some of its aspects that I believe carry a critical role in the pursuit of purpose and meaning to life. These aspects to be discussed include, identity, choices, responsibilities, self-awareness and mental intelligences (instincts included).

    Personal Identity
    The first aspect of our personal power to be discussed is one’s personal identity. As said in the last discussion, ‘you cannot outperform your self-concept,’ how we see ourselves is very crucial. Sometimes your purpose will take you to the humblest of societies or environments to do what many may look down upon. Without a good self-concept, you might overlook the purpose thinking that it is despised. Jesus’ purpose meant he had to serve and demonstrate it with very humble gestures and personal power in the form of self-concept helped him as demonstrated by the following words.

    Jesus knew that the Father had put him in complete charge of everything, that he came from God and was on his way back to God. So he got up from the supper table, set aside his robe, and put on an apron. Then he poured water into a basin and began to wash the feet of the disciples, drying them with his apron. [John 13:3-5, THE MESSAGE Bible]

    Jesus, the king of Kings, God in the flesh washed the dirty feet of the disciples because he was so secure in His identity as revealed in the text. Insecurity is one of the major stumbling blocks to purpose in Africa. The long dark history has resulted in a people with poor self-concept and so much insecurity. We see insecurity in the Ministers of Religion or the politicians and the majority of the populace in the decisions, behaviour and actions. The Kingdom of God has the best ingredients to develop personal power and help us overcome insecurity because it gives us an identity in God as the actual sons of God.

    The word identifies as having the righteousness of God which someone has defined as the capacity to stand in the presence of God without any sense of fear, guilt, inferiority or unworthiness and also stand in the presence of the devil, evil, challenges with a sense of superiority and mastery. One who has their identity in God has personal power to pursue their purposes.

    Power to Choose

    When you are in a position where you think you have no choice to make, you still have a choice not to think that way. – Coach Tarie: The Wisdom Garden (Volume 1)

    Personal Power for fruitful and purposeful lives is also seen in the aspect of volition or the power of choice. Dr Mike Murdock talks about decisions a lot and the principle is captured in this phrase he uses, ‘Decisions decide destiny’. If you are to walk the PDL path, then you are guaranteed that there will be tough decisions to be made. Decisions to walk away from popular thinking. Decisions to be you when the system is pulling you to fit in. You cannot allow your friends, pastor, parents, the economy, financial status, educational qualifications or any other force to make decisions for you.

    Most people have the right to choose but have surrendered the power to others. The power to choose is a product firstly of your self-concept then the kind of knowledge you have. Some people because of low self-esteem or oppressive environments have handed the power to choose to their friends, spouses, parents, relatives, environment and also leaders. The media, entertainment, advertising and marketing world to a greater extent have taken our power to choose. Do you choose a spouse you want or its society that does it for you? Did you go for the spectacular and significant job that is esteemed by society or you followed your passions? Are you choosing status over conviction? It is when you receive perfect unconditional love that your self-concept becomes healthy and it is this that restores your personal power.

    Brian Tracy in his Audio Book the Psychology of success talks of the two keys to success the first of which being making a decision to be successful. Have you at any time got to a moment that you consciously made a decision that you wanted to be successful and committed to do all that is required to succeed. The Purpose Driven Life comes with a price to be paid and the price cannot be paid by those who are not ready to make important decisions. One once said, if you are taking time to make a decision you have made a decision to live with the status quo. Indecision is a decision.

    Who and where we are is just the summation of the decisions we have made and the quality of our lives is directly proportional to the quality of our choices. If you do not have the guts to make your decisions, then others or the system of this world will do it for you, if they have not already done so. YOU ARE A DECISION AWAY FROM WHERE YOU CAN BE- Coach Tarie: The Wisdom Garden (Volume 1)


    The world is full of people who deny responsibility for the status quo and put it on others, but those who take it have the grip to change the world – Coach Tarie: The Widom Garden (Volume 1)

    Personal power is also realised in the acceptance of responsibility. Who is responsible for where you are at the moment? Most people do not realise the impact of failing to accept responsibility over their lives. Research has shown that most of the negative emotions that we have that hinder us from realising our dreams are a result of failure to accept responsibility for our lives and the outcomes that we get. Denial of responsibility manifests itself in the blame game. We often blame others, surroundings or past experiences for our failures and this makes us fearful, worrisome, sceptical, judgemental, angry, insecure and bitter. These feelings become evident because we have enough justifications and explanations to why we are entitled to have them.

    The opposite is true when we accept responsibility for our lives and outcomes.  The more responsibility that you take on, the more in control you are likely to feel and the more in control you feel, the healthier the internal conversations that you have and the more resourceful the state of mind you will have. When you feel completely free you make better decisions and you are better positioned to do more of the things that you would want to do.

    Blame gives us justifications for our failures and this cripples us to taking the necessary actions to be taken. It also kills our creativity by putting the inner genius that is in every one of us to rest. Think of it this way, have you ever accepted a responsibility to do something that is bigger than your comfort zone like giving a speech in public? Consider how your mind begins to function and the ideas that begin to come as you think of producing the best in the presentation or activity. A lot of potential that you had not thought of is put to action and in the end we are usually surprised of what we could do that we were not aware of. This is the case with all the challenges and tasks that we tackle after accepting responsibility for them.

    Success is for those who take different responsibilities and success in fulfilling your purpose is not an exception. Who is responsible for your success in school? If you think it’s the teacher, you will justify your failure according to whether the teacher was there or not and whether they were good or not. Someone however succeeds in the same environment because they choose not to surrender responsibility to anyone.  Many people create opportunities for elevation in life by taking responsibilities that others are not willing to take. Look at those who are elevated in the home, in church in the workplace, it is those who are ready to take responsibility or have taken it.

    Your influence is as big as the responsibility that you assume to be yours. Jesus of Nazareth, the saviour of the world took responsibility for the destiny of all humanity and to bear their sins on the cross. God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, [Philippians 2:9 NIV]. The world changers of today have chosen to take responsibilities that are beyond their own small private lives. Some assume responsibility over their own families and you know nothing of them but those who have gone beyond their families are the ones who need no introduction. How big is the responsibility that you are willing to take that will bring happiness on others? Use your gifts, skills, talents, abilities, education, time, money and all other resources that you have to take responsibility. Begin to take responsibility today.

    There are many things that many do not think are their responsibilities because of who they think they are not, many discovered who they were after taking responsibilities that no one was willing to take and in most cases they were not willing to take also from the onset – Coach Tarie: The Wisdom Garden (Volume 1)

    Africa is not developing not because of shortage of skills, but because people are not willing to take responsibilities that they can take. Some will not use what they have because they are not being paid for it or no one is recognising them. I was challenged by this example in one article that I came across, a teacher will live with an uneducated maid, a medical practitioner will never attempt to help the needy around because they are not paid for it. Many have taken responsibilities for things that they were not paid for and made a difference that was later rewarded because they just chose to take responsibility. The Purpose Driven Life usually starts that way. Take any responsibility that follows your passion, expresses your values, uses your gifts and skills and captures your instincts and you will be surprised by the meaning you get, the influence you will have and the rewards that you will have in the long run.


    The fourth aspect of personal power that is necessary in The Purpose Driven Life is self-awareness. The human being is the only living creature that lives their life on earth with this special gift because all other creatures on earth live by instinct only. I describe it as the ability to get out of ourselves and look at our lives at a distance. We can look at our lives from a distance and understand where we are and be able to make decisions whether we would want to stay there or not. We can be aware of our thoughts, desires, feelings, circumstances, results and separate ourselves from them and chose what we can do about them. We have this gift in seed form and we can choose to pick it up and use it for our good in the PDL.

    We can look at our lives from a distance and identify our values, passions, desires, inclinations, strengths, weaknesses, potential and decide what to do with that. It is this awareness that will then work with the earlier identified aspect of personal power of choice. Our self-awareness works in close ties with the final aspect of personal power that will be discussed in this insight of thinking.


    Our personal power is captured in the fact that we all have intellect or the power to think. The system of the world and the unresourceful segment of religion works so hard to stop people from thinking. Many people will do all that is possible and occupy themselves with many different think so that they will move away from thinking.

    The Purpose Driven Life (PDL) requires one to be able to use their creative faculty of thinking so much. The universe works by a principle of sowing and reaping. A full purpose driven life is a harvest and to get it there are decisions that have to be made and worthwhile activities to be done. This requires a whole lot of thinking. We are supposed to create the outcomes that we see fit for the responsibilities that we take and we create these solutions by using our imaginations. Imagining something better than the status quo and thinking through how to get there are key processes in the PDL.

    After realising the responsibilities that are ours to take to solve our problems and other people’s problems, we use our imagination to build them. The PDL will require you to think and this thinking comes in different dimensions that include, thinking big, thinking creatively, strategically and critically.

    Society has sometimes crippled us to think that someone is responsible for making our lives better. This is not the case if you are to fulfil your purpose. The Unresourceful side of religion has not empowered people to use their personal power as many think God will do everything for them. God is ready to work with you in fulfilling your purpose but he is limited by how much of your personal power you are ready to use. This is seen in one of the most commonly quoted scriptures in the bible.

    Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, 21 to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.  [Ephesians 3:20-21] NKJV

    God is able to make our lives so purposeful, influential and fruitful but he will only do so according to the power working in us. This power includes the Holy Spirit who is at work in every born again believer but not only limited to that. The power working in us also include our personal power as the Holy Spirit lives in us to work with some of the discussed aspects of this personal power. He works with our self-concept that has an impact on our decisions. He cannot choose for us but can only influence our choices. Once the PDL is presented to us we make the decisions, accept or reject the responsibilities presented to us and choose to actively take the right actions by engaging our thoughts and imagination. Personal power is a prerequisite to the Purpose Driven Living and let us see how best we can activate and harness it.

    Humility, temperament, meekness and self-control are valuable virtues for success because they reflect an ability to harness ourselves; the only power that we can use is only the power that we have managed to harness. Coach Tarie: The Wisdom Garden (Volume 1)

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