• Start The Year in the Direction of Your Purpose: PDL INSIGHTS (PART 20)

    Start The Year in the Direction of Your Purpose: PDL INSIGHTS (PART 20)

    A vision that cannot start now will never materialize.

    Have you ever wondered how it would be like if there was no day and night and our days would be the same every minute of our lives but still living out the standard 24-hour day intervals? Imagine what it would be like after a very bad day and you had nothing that marks your time so that you can rest, reflect and recuperate. Life would be difficult and frustrating. The thought of such a scenario will make you appreciate the wisdom of the creator who made times and seasons.

    How many times have you finished a day on the low side and you went to rest and woke up the following day revived and ready to go irrespective of the way you were feeling the previous day? The same is true for weeks. Several times the start of a new week has a positive psychological impact that helps us to refocus. In God’s original calendar, the seventh day was set aside as a day of rest before one would restart another week. The calendar that is in use now has two days which are identified as the weekend and most weekly activities start on Mondays, so the idea and concept of refocus and regathering is still in application.

    This reality applies for months and also for years. There is a general release of new energy as one year comes to an end and we start another. It is very important to take advantage of this new energy and use it to our advantage. This energy that comes with the turn of seasons is always there for a very short time and not strong enough to turn lives and fortunes on its own. It is usually enough to get people excited and get them going but not enough to bring success. It is therefore wise to see how we can maximize on it. The starting of a new year is a good period to set your life on a different course, make major changes in life and make decisions that can forever transform our lives and destinies.                                                                                                                                        

    I hope in this period at the beginning of the year we have had time to reflect on the just ended year. Look at the high moments, the low moments, the wise decisions and the less wiser decisions. I hope we have reflected on how much the just ended year has brought in our lives. How much progress have you made on your Purpose Driven Life Journey? What daily actions have brought you to where you are? Is this how you would want your 2019 to end?

    I know we are all hoping for significant changes at the end of 2019 but some might be looking at the economic situation and already beginning to lose hope.  The good news is that we can start today to make decisions and actions that will help us to live better and more fruitful lives irrespective of what is happening around us. This is possible if you take your personal power that we discussed in previous insights and use it for your good. This is taking the personal power in terms of assuming full responsibility of how and where your year will end.

    The wrong philosophy that we have that makes our hopes and big dreams that we start the year with to crush is a philosophy that expects life to change in major and giant leaps from one place to another. We are the so called Microwave generation that expects things to happen very fast. We want lives to change in big leaps. We expect bigger financial leaps. We are waiting for this big amount of money coming to us in an instant to start something. Some are waiting for this loud voice to speak to them from God to start something or to walk in the purposes that they desire. We are waiting for the big opportunity that will push us to start working on something. This is a wrong philosophy and will also not work on The Purpose Driven Life (PDL) journey as it does not work in every other aspect of life except in the movies.

    Big changes may not come as we would desire but we can make the changes that we would desire by making small consistent effort towards clear and specific goals especially that are related to our purposes. This does not have to start someday because someday never comes. A vision that cannot start now will never materialize. I therefore encourage you to begin to envision where you would want to be at the end of 2019 in line with living a PDL.

    One way that you can set your journey in The Purpose Driven Life (PDL) in motion is asking the right questions, making the right decisions and taking the right small changes that can be taken with the little energy that we have since it’s the beginning of a new year. It is the progress that is made in the little steps that keeps the energy to continue in us and create a momentum enabling us to take bigger and better steps. A car, train, plane or any vehicle starts from rest with slow movements but picks up momentum until the friction and gravitational pull can no longer resist the progress that the vehicle intends to make. The momentum created from the small steps also in the long run will make it easier to make turns when needed. You cannot turn a car that it is at rest, you can turn the wheels but not the whole vehicle. This is true for the PDL journey. It is important that you start somewhere and start small as we start the new year. This way we will be using the energy that we have because of the coming of a new year and to some, the energy generated by various prophetic declarations and themes for the new year.

    A story is told about a research that was made on what little progress coming consistently does to a person working towards certain goals. There was a timber farm where men would cut trees with axes a long time ago in the Amazon Basin. The workmen would chop the trees and be given a certain amount of money every day. For the research, the workmen were offered double their daily wages but would cut trees using blunt axes. They were not expected to cut as many trees as they had been cutting but to work as many hours as they used to. The research was to discover if they would work as many hours as they used to with little progress. The guys struggled to do the work, they wouldn’t finish a day of work. They were then asked why they could not do the work even though the wages had been doubled and one of them answered, “when we would see the chips flying in the air and falling off the trees slowly but steadily, that would give us more energy to keep going”.

    This story has so much explanation on why we quickly lose the energy that we start with at the beginning of the year. The expected big rewards sometimes are not enough motivation to carry us to the end. Sometimes we know very much that committing to the process will give us fulfilling results at the end but we burnout when we are not realizing the small progress that comes is small steps as illustrated in the story above.

    The most important question that you have to ask yourself to get yourself going in the right direction towards your purpose and maintain the energy is below. Your response to this question and the follow up actions you will take is the secret towards your 2019 progress in realizing and fulfilling your dreams.

    What one skill if developed more in your life would increase your influence and make you better positioned to express your inner values and convictions and do what you love to do that makes a difference in the life of others?

    Take your time to ponder and think deeply about this question. When you have thought about this one skill, begin to think about what you can do to develop and sharpen this skill more and more. Make a plan and commitment to daily develop this skill. Do not spend a day without doing something that adds value to your skill and anything related to your purpose. Use every opportunity that you can find to use your skill. At the beginning no one may be ready to pay you but continue looking for opportunities to use this skill and serve. This simple decision and small action will make a big difference in the long run. Any progress that you make in the direction of your inner values and convictions will increase your energy levels and self-esteem and begin to create momentum to a fruitful, progressive and fulfilling life. This is the secret that people who make the greatest differences through their lives have applied whether consciously or unconsciously.

    Other questions that can help you get your PDL journey going are below. Just get started and stay on the path.

    What would you want to be doing at the end of the year?
    What would you want to have to be effective in making a difference?
    Where would you want to be (place) to make a great difference with your life?
    Who do you need to be alongside in your purpose?

    What can you begin to do in small and consistent steps towards the realization of the ends that are captured in the questions above. Find a way to begin to do something daily towards those ends. You can do something about the answers that you get to the above questions. This is how you can start the year in the direction of your purpose and also keep the energy and excitement of the new year with you for a greater part of the year to the realization of your purpose, the growth of your business or the establishment of your vision and the building of those important relationships. Take your personal power, assume full responsibility of how and where 2019 will end for you. I wish you a Purpose Drivel 2019!!!

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