• Success Does Not Come From Doing The Extraordinary, It is By Doing The Ordinary With EXCELLENCE - PDL Insights (Part 22)

    Success Does Not Come From Doing The Extraordinary, It is By Doing The Ordinary With EXCELLENCE - PDL Insights (Part 22)

    An excellent spirit, knowledge, understanding, interpreting dreams, solving riddles, and explaining enigmas were found in this DanieL…., [Daniel 5:12 NKJV]

    When I was nine, one school holiday we visited my grandparents at the rural areas. Since I liked milk so much, one morning my grandpa invited me to go with him to the kraal where all the milk I was enjoying was coming from. He milked the cows and poured the milk in a bucket. After an hour of milking and releasing the cattle for pasture, my grandpa asked me if I wanted a cup of milk to enjoy before we went home. He gave me a cup so that I could get the milk from the bucket that was under a tree near the kraal. In my mind I always had a picture of the white fresh milk I would get from the shops. When I looked on the surface of the milk in the bucket, there was a thin fluffy cream top. I yelled to grandpa that the milk was dirty and he rushed to see. He looked at me with a grin on his face and said, “this is cream my dear grandson, it always rises to the top.” As I have grown up and been learning and studying success and people who succeed in the Purpose and Driven Life, I have discovered that in all areas of life there is one quality that always rise to the top and carry with it those who have it. It is spelt, E.X.C.E.L.L.E.N.C.E.

    Let us proceed in discussing some of the things that are crucial in applying yourself to The Purpose Driven Life moving on from what we last discussed about the work ethic. We saw that many people can get to the place of self-discovery and yet still fail to fulfil their purposes or get to the place where everything coincides for them to fully express their inner convictions. Sometimes working hard and working smart is not enough. There is an extra touch that is needed to excel in a system where some other people may be doing the same as what we are doing. It is crucial in such instances to know how to put the little extra that separates us from the crowd. It is the pursuit of excellence in what we do that helps us rise to the top.

    One insurance company in the United States of America as reported by Brian Tracy in one of his Audio teachings, made a study on sales that were happening in their company and discovered that 80% of their sales were coming from 20% of their sales persons. Getting deeper with the figures they discovered that the top 20% of the sales people were earning 16 times more on average than the bottom 80%. Going further with the study on the top 20% of the top 20% which is the top 4% of their sales persons, it was even interesting as the average income of this top 4% was 32 times that of those in the bottom 80%. As this is not enough, going even deeper to look at the top 20% of the top 4% which is the top 0.8%, these had an average income that was 54 times that of the bottom 80%. This meant that one person in the top 0.8% of these sales people was getting an income that was more than that of 50 other sales people in the bottom 80% put together.

    These people were in the same field, selling the same products in the same market but with so different earnings. What was the reason for the great differences? It was their quality of their execution. The sales procedures were relatively similar but the levels of excellence in execution was different. This is not different in various facets of life be it business, family, politics, media, entertainment, education and life in general. It is also the case in The Purpose Driven Life. People who excel and rise to the top are those who put extra effort to be excellent at what they do and those who stay at the bottom do what they do to just get it done if ever they get things done.

    Why is it then that only very few people are committed to excellence in what they do? It is because they have made the decision to do so. Why have they made the decision to do so? In most cases it is not because of external motivation of rewards, it is usually an intrinsic motivation that naturally comes from the fact that they are doing things that they love doing. It is easy to be excellent at something when it is something that you love doing. This shows why it is on the path of the PDL that one is best positioned to be excellent. There is inner motivation and inner drive in what we will be doing hence one is fuelled to take the extra mile.

    The deception in society is in seeing people who are at the top of certain fields and have succeeded there and think that going there will also make you successful. People have succeeded doing literally anything because they were excellent at what they did. Cooks have become millionaires because they were excellent at that. This explains why Jamie Oliver found his way in higher offices and ended up advising political leaders on food programmes. He excelled in cooking. People have made fortunes in general cleaning because they became excellent at it. Look at how many people are employed by NemChem in Zimbabwe. They excel in cleaning.  Some have risen to the top of the society scale by kicking and chasing animal skins inflated with air because they were excellent at it and yet many play the same kind of sports and cannot even make a living at it. Daniel found himself at the top of governance in a foreign land and the first to be mentioned about what made him unique is excellence.

    An excellent spirit, knowledge, understanding, interpreting dreams, solving riddles, and explaining enigmas were found in this DanieL…., [Daniel 5:12 NKJV]

    Which field will make you happy and successful? Do you think with enough time and effort; you have the motivation to get to the top 10% of the field or area or endeavour you are in? If you can’t picture yourself in the top 10% then it’s the wrong field to pursue your success in. Your purpose is in something that you feel from inside you can pursue and be excellent at and there is internal motivation to excel in that field. What is it that you can be excellent at? Pursue what you can be excellent at and you will find yourself successful one day. Is the person you are in a relationship with someone whom you can commit everything you have, to put a smile on their faces. If you are not ready to be excellent in all your efforts in that relationship, then you will not be the happiest person in that relationship.

    Happiness comes when you are daily taking positive steps in things that are congruent with the PDL and it is even abounding when you commit to excellence and give excellence delivery of your service and see positive results come out of your excellent service even before you get rewarded for it. Rewards will inevitably come though; they may take long but they will eventually come because the universe cannot resist rewarding excellency forever. Like cream, excellency will always rise to the top and you cannot be at the top of your PDL without it.

    The secret of success is not in chasing extraordinary dreams or doing extraordinary things that you think are out of your reach but it is in doing the ordinary in an extraordinary way – Coach Tarie: The Wisdom Garden (Volume 1)

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