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    Is Africa meant to remain where it is? How can Africans address African issues in an African way? How can this generation positively impact the next generation? Who is the master of Africa's destiny? What is the destiny of Africa? The answer to these questions is what fueled the Birth of Arise Africa.

    We believe Africans are responsible for their own destiny, we also believe that the Kingdom Of God plays a pivotal role in making the Destiny of Africa a desirable reality.

    In 2006Coach Tarie woke up one morning with the burden of Africa on his heart. He was awakened to the

    reality that Africa carried so much potential that differed not from other continents if not more when

    we think of potential wealth. Getting to see this he began to seek for answers why this was so and realized a long history of factors like slave trade, colonialism, idolatry, superstition and many more that left Africa with strong inferiority complexes.

    Upon realizing all these factors we began seeking for home grown solutions of unearthing all this buried potential and began to find the solution lying in deliberate and consistent action by us Africans to unearth and exploit the potential to make Africa a better place. We began to see that the key solution had nothing to do with the economics and politics and other sectors to start with but the African person first. Helping the African see a better future, then realize themselves as masks of their own destiny and then empower themselves to take the necessary steps.

    For this to be possible we discovered that there was a need for a concept, idea and template if not model to work from that will best bring the kind of fruitful Africans to build Africa. We found the only successful system that has all it takes outdating all ideas that have failed to build systems that are empowering and providing equal opportunities like socialism, capitalism, communism, democracy and this can only be the Kingdom of God.

    From this heart for Africa was the birth of No Limits Movement an organism meant to help in seeing this dream of a better and fruitful Africa come to pass. Upon realization of what was needed it was from No Limits

    Movement that the Arise Africa Cause began in 2013 with the Arise Africa Annual Conference [AAAC] bringing together different Organizations Under No Limits Movement, Churches, Colleges, N.G.Os, Corporate world and the government for the same cause. The same course proceeded in 2014 with another Annual Conference in October and many seminars and workshops prior to the event addressing issues that had to do with Family, Leadership, Youth, Arts and Entertainment. In 2015 Arise Africa has started the ball rolling with “Awakening the Entrepreneurship Spirit” training courses which are running to raise entrepreneurship in a time when many people are idle.

    It is a fact that this bigger cause cannot be accomplished by just Conferences alone so we have decided to start with where we are and work with those joining the chariot to develop an on running system that the destiny of Africa will no longer be in the hands of those who would like to see Africa's potential build other nations' dreams at the expense of the Son of the soil. Singapore rose from being 3rd world to be 1st world in a single generation and so did South Korea, India, Japan and China over a bit longer a time. If it took deliberate action that brought success, we are AfriCANS and not AfriCANT'S we CAN do it also.


    Coach Tarie Is A Life And Executive Coach Whose Passion Is To See Individuals, Organizations And Families Become All They Were Designed To Become.


    34 Chigunguru St, Zengeza 1, Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe.




    +263 773 301 267
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    +263 773 301 267
    +263 712 106 415